Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Working hard through the night to share life in Japan with all of you!

Heyyyy look! It's that big....twirly thing downtown. I don't know what it is, but it's a handy landmark just a few blocks South of our apartment, right outside the trainstation.

Observe the eating habits of Matsutaro in his natural habitat: Japan! Actually don't observe Mats... Tara and I are better with chopsticks than he is. But he definitely looks more authentic!
I'm enjoying toast with some dijon mustard... at the store, it was the only recognizable condiment. Mmm...I sure do likes them biskits wit mustard sauce. ("Slingblade"...anyone?)

Ian and Mats play it cool while waiting to cross the street. Tara had flown ahead on her new bike, and looked back long enough to take a picture. Tara was off riding her brand new pink bicycle for the first time. Ian and Mats were very proud.


Justin said...

Dijon on bread is disgusting.
You guys should just go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of things that you aren't familiar with. It'll be like when we were kids and bought the candy surprise bags. You could just get normal candy, or you could find out what's in the bag of mystery. Same thing now. Maybe you'll get something cool

Meaghan said...

ooo I want to see the bike!

Aunt Lori said...

I am with Meaghan.....where is this bike that we have heard so much about!?!?!!
Sounds like you are settling in, glad to see you have some sort of food at home!!! No peanut butter at the grocery store?????


Anita said...

Ummm, so I know I'm not yet qualified to give my professional medical opinion - but, I'm pretty sure mustard has few nutrional attributes. You guys might want to look into getting some fruits and vegetables.

Daver said...

Wooohooo new pictures!

That big twirly thing looks really cool, does it actually triwl or just looks like it should?

Yeah I'm with Meaghan and aunt Lori too, lets see the bike.. NOW!

Mom Debbie said...

I have to go with the crowd, I want to see the bike also!!! Also Anita's fruits and veggie idea sounds very good!!! Sorry I can't help myself. Happy to hear things are going well. You both look very happy!! Lots of Love

Ian's Mom said...

How did you guys miss the bike pics: hot pink and orange. You guess which ones which. Be careful with the gas!!!!!!

Derrick M said...

You know what? Just to be different... I dont want to see the bike what-so-ever. ;)

And mmmm... Mustard on bread... I think Justin is right, go for the suprise bag off food. It'd at least make for some good pictures! :P

your friends in Japan said...

Justin - it's probably going to come down to some surprises when it comes to the sauces. Hardly any of those are labelled, so we'll hopefully be able to get a salad dressing and a stir fry sauce... I'll let you know how it works out!

Meaghan/Lori - I triiiied posting the bike picture, but it didn't fit on this page. It's up next.
And peanut butter to be seen so far.

Anita - Fruits and vegetables eh?
Those crazy German doctors just might be onto something! Thanks for the semi-professional advice.

Dave - the twirly sculpture seems pretty stable, but this is the kind of city where you wouldn't be surprised if it one day decided to fly up in the air to reveal a roller coaster or a dinasour beneath it.

Debbie - we've been getting our veggies!! Frozen and canned vegetables are fairly abundant. And I later discovered that the convenience store right next door to us sells fresh mushrooms, peppers, cucumbers, etc. Literally right under our nose all this time! We're on our weekend now (Thurs. and Fri.) so we're going to make it out to find the real grocery store.

Mom - we will, I always double check the dials after I'm done using anything.

Derrick - thanks for being different! I'll be posting some of my amature goumet attempts soon enough.