Saturday, September 02, 2006

Boring General Website Instruction (no bum pictures here)

Hello everyone. As many have figured out, instead of posting anonymous comments you can select the option marked "Other," and you will be given a space for your name and a space for your personal website. If you enter your name without a website, your name will still appear in black at the start of your message. If you have a website and list that, your name appears in blue as a link to your page. Posting anonmyously is still fine as long as you sign your name. That helps us respond promptly and appropriately to your questions and concerns!
- The Administration


your friends in Japan said...

When we post comments, they appear with our personal display picture because we have this account with

Ian! said...

But you don't need an account to show who you are! You can list anything as your personal webpage.

Ian said...

Or you can post without having any website at all.

Anonymous said...

If you post anonymously just remember to sign your name.
- Ian

And also remember that if your name happens to be "Mom" or "Dad", we may not be able to tell who you are, though we can probably narrow it down.
Signing "iandad" or
Helps us keep things straight. Not that it matters much anyway. We're happy to hear from everyone, whatever you call yourselves.

your friends in Japan said...

The important thing is to keep the comments coming, because we really appreciate all the support.