Thursday, September 21, 2006

OK, I apologize for the delay but blogger is being stupid and wouldn't let me post my exciting new shots.
This week was a bit better than last though the whole 'not getting paid until oct. 15th' thing is reeeallly starting to wear thin. Nagoya is a Japanese city yes, but perhaps not the most interesting one and Ian and I are quite ready to get on with the exploring!
That said, we have managed to find our own fun here and there. Karaoke is always a blast, especially when you have super fun Aussies who join you! And of course, concerts are always good. For example - No Use For A Name played at a club here in Nagoya tonight. I actually knew about this long ago (thank you Meaghan) and was keen on getting to it. However, EVERY site that tells you were to buy tickets, is completely in Japanese. Not very helpful to us...Haha. In an act of Love however, Meaghan decided to email the band and ask them if they knew how I could get a ticket. Apparently the band and her were emailing back and forth over a period of days and in Meaghan's words "Even Tony Sly HIMSELF couldn't figure it out!" Anyways, Steven (the friendly Aussie) also happens to love punk and ended up knowing how I could get a hold of some tickets. So Ian and I ventured downtown tonight and actually managed to find the place! The show was amazing - AND they even knew who I was (Thanks again to Meaghan!)

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I think it was possibly the most entertaining show I have been too, simply because of the crowd. Imagine trying to entertain people when they have absolutely no idea what you are saying. They just kind of stand there quiet and stare at you in was hilarious.

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After the show was over we hung around to try and catch a glimpse, and luckily enough 2 of the band members headed out our way. I headed off one of the guys and told him it was a good show, and wouldn't you know it he asks "are you the girl who's been emailing us?" Go Meaghan!! I laughed and said it was my sister, trying to help me out. I guess I shouldn't be too suprised that he thought it was me though - considering I was one of only 2 white girls at the show, he had pretty good odds of finding the right one! Anyways, he was nice enough to chat and I thanked him for his help and got a cool pic!

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Anyways, after the show we headed on home and picked up Ian's bike from the station along the way...too bad we still can't get the hang of the way people here ride. Every day people speed by with a person sitting on the back of the bike. Anytime we try we can't even get the balance to go anywhere. I don't know how they do it but I want to learn!! But until then I guess we ride solo...

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I didn't mind though. I was still excited from the show!

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On the way home we were feeling a bit peckish so we decided it was a good time for some Daily Yamikazi sushi..mmmmmm. Tasty

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Ian sure likes his rice Dumplings!!

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We aren't sure 'exactly' what they are but they sure are tasty!!

Oh, and one last thing:
We got a plant!! Now its officially a home...

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Ok - I hope these satisfy you all for now. Tomorrow we are going to try to catch a train to Gifu or Inuyama and do some hiking and temple seeing. Lots more pictures will come from that!!

I miss everyone!!

Love Tara


Meaghan said...

No Use: HOORAY!!!
I'm glad you had fun and got to say hello! :) I am pleased, as you alreayd know hehe.
also, I'm sure it will get much better once you guys get paid. You'll actually be able to get out of the city and see more. so hooray for that too! I just wish it was sooner :P
anyways shower time!
love you guys lots!

mom d said...

Tara Kristine, you are just way too cute!!!! I sure do miss that beautiful face. Glad to hear you had so much fun! You see, your sister does come in quite handy at times, go Meaghan!! My love to you both. xoxo

Alexandra said...

Wow, it's sounds SOOO amazing! Luck-y!!(hehe...) It's just sooooo cool that you met the.....person?..

hoodeedoo (k-e-v-i-n) said...

Ayes likes looookin' ats the purty pikturs... ... ...
...never did lurn how to reed none.

Ali said...

The concert sounded good. That's an awesome story.

That looks like some inari sushi that Ian's holding. It's some sort of bean curd/tofu-ish stuff with rice shoved in it. Kind of sweet, right? Super good.

I wanted to make that black bean soup today that you had one time. I was at the grocery store staring at beans, thinking of you. (I didn't end up buying any).

And plants are nice and homey. I'm glad you got one. You should name it. Perhaps Alison, after me (obvs), or Ali, in case Alison is too 'professional' sounding for a plant. Jusssstttt sugggeeesstttionnnssss!!

Take care!!

Daver said...

Wooohooo! Im glad you had a better week, and even happier you got to see those guys. I know Meaghan was working hard to try and get you those tickets, although sadly she couldnt you still made it there :D.

Oh and its a great plant! Take care of it, I want to see a huge tree/plant/flower by the time I go visit you guys.

Derrick M said...

Meaghan was telling me about her emails... That's cool that they came and talked to you!

Also, nice plant!

your friends in Japan said...

Meaghan and Mom - I already knew she came in handy sometimes...but this was just too cooool!! Hehe

Alexandra - I would say yes indeed it was SUPER lucky!!! And VERY cool that I met that person!! Hahaha. He is the guitar player in the band and he was really nice when I talked to him!

hoodeedoo - Yup. The pictures were posted just for people like you!

Ali - thanks for the sushi lesson! We really had no idea what they were but you are right. They have a really nice sweetness to them, and I love them very much! Its pretty cheap too. For 4 of those, and 4 rolls its 3.80. Pretty good deal! Also, the black bean soup is super easy and you should make it! I can give you the recipe if you would like.
And lastly, I think your plant naming idea us superb. Alison it is!!! (Maybe now I will be better at keeping it alive!)

Dave - I will do my best to make Alison grow nice and stong (see above post)
Also, yeah this week was a bit better than last. Its so frustrating when everything seems to fall apart at once. But slowly, slowly, they get put back together. Thanks for listening to me!!

Derrick - Thanks!! I like my new plant! And also, Yeah...Meaghan is the best. That would have been the greatest suprise ever, but I love her for the effort!!

Meaghan said...

sometimes? pssssh. You people are lucky to have a Meaghan. I'm handy ALWAYS.

Mom D said...

Yes Meaghan, we people are lucky to have you!

the great and almighty oreo said...

awesome. you had interaction with an amazing band in japan. and youre one of maybe three people who understood the lyrics. lol.

well, i miss you guys, and im really iffy on whether ill be able to visit or not. hope to see you soon!

your friends in Japan said...


Thanks for checking out our stuff!
And yeah...I really don't think ANYONE had a clue what they were saying. It really was hilarious.

Also, don't give up on Japan yet! Do what it takes to get here! I swear its worth the trip, plus you will get an entire room to yourself!!

I miss you!!


Anita said...

Mmmm...Soup. Would I be able to get that recipe as well???

Muchos gracias

MomE said...

Meaghan, sister of the year! Yeah, Meaghan, glad you had fun. Did you take pictures hiking?

Meaghan said...

oh I want the receipe too. maybe I can actually make food of some sort. werd.