Friday, September 08, 2006

Some city shots for your viewing pleasure!

This was our first attempt at going downtown during the day: Our misson - Cellphones!!
Since we can't yet read maps (or rather - the streetnames ON the maps) landmarks have been our saviours. For example, the good ol' TV tower:

We knew once we found this guy that we were headed in the right direction!!

These Dancing Ladies aren't really landmarks, but they ARE in the first real 'park' that we have seen here in Nagoya. Supposedly there is nature somewhere, but I am getting kinda skeptical. I think our next mission should be to find these mysterious "parks" that dot our maps.....

Ahhh - and who could forget our trusty Oasis 21 (or giant space water ship thingy). It looks alot different during the day, but still insane. We discovered how to get to the top of it, and hoped that the view from above would make the structure make a bit more sense.....

Low and Behold!! It was actually pretty nice up there!! I believe they must light it up on top at night, so we will have to make an evening trip up to the top some time. There really is running water on top of the roof. Its pretty relaxing and the breeze was welcome (it is wickedly humid here (yes - maybe even more than in Florida!), and the view was impressive!

A nice shot of the city we have been trying to figure out! I'd like you to pay attention to the oval figure in the middle right:

YES: The city does have a GIANT ferris wheel attached to one of its central downtown buildings, thus confirming our suspicions that circus folk MAY have helped design Japan....(please refer to earlier Osaka pictures for further evidence)
All in all it was a successful weekend day for us! We finally have phones (Hurray!!), and we managed to venture farther than 10 minutes from our Apartment without getting lost!! Wooo!! Go us!

Miss you all!!



R.A.M. said...

Hi Ian.
Hi Tara. I'm one of Ian's aunts in case you are wondering.
I printed some of your pictures for my mom and dad (nanna & gramp)as they cannot get on to your blog site. They say hi and are happy that you are doing well. The city looks pretty crazy. Hope you're having fun.

your friends in Japan said...

Hey Aunt Ruth!
Thanks for keeping them posted. Tell grandpa that nobody here has asked me yet if I'm asian. I'm pretty foreign-looking in these parts. I really wish I could hop in their pool about now. The humidity is outrageous here!!!

Meaghan said...

it looks so cool there. why don't you go for a swim on the spaceship thingies roof? that water looks clean enough! hahaha
and you guys should totally take a ride on the ferris wheel. I know I will!

luke said...

why did i choose raffershirts? i'm not a least i hope not..that would be gross...

anyway umm...i want to come to now..and i miss you both very much..and um..i want to come to japan

-luke (wright)

Debbie said...

Please, know one hopes that more than me!!!

your friends in Japan said...

Meaghan - there was also a huge fountain nearby. I was very tempted to hop in, because it was just sooooo hot. Tara and I are hoping to find a beach next weekend!

Luke - you're body temperature isn't low enough to be related. Don't worry, you're safe.
Hah, I'd want you to come here too. It'd be crazy fun.

Debbie - I don't know.... I think Meaghan might feel pretty strongly about that too!