Sunday, September 03, 2006

Our Surprisingly Spacious Japanese Apartment!

Hello everybody!

We finally have a video for you to view our fine Japanese Home. The first scene is from our balcony, and then we take you on a quick tour through the place from the front door. We are very happy here so far, and we're looking forward to having guests come stay with us, as we have a full extra bedroom with plenty of closet space.

- Ian and Tara


Meaghan said...

It told me the video isn't available :P

Aunt Lori said...

I got the same message! :(

Mom (Ian) said...

Technical difficulties continue. Thanks for the invitation. Too bad it costs about $2800 to fly to Nagoya from here!

Aaron said...

Hey kids,

I'm glad you got to the land of the rising sun ok. Thanks for meeting for dinner in Vancouver, that was both tasty and fun. I got into my new place just fine and it's slowly coming together. I'm looking forward to more pictures and a video that works!

Until next time...

ps. Please visit my webpage.

your friends in Japan said...

Hello all!
It's my understanding that (the server we use to post our videos online for free), is currently experiencing technical difficulties. So fret not, it's neither your nor our mistake, and hopefully things will be up and running soon.

For anyone looking at flights - I believe it's cheper to fly into Narito (Tokyo's airport), or Kansai International (Osaka's airport), and then take a train to Nagoya. You're probably much more likely to find good international flight rates at the more major airports.

- Ian

Aaron - thanks, I was really glad we could meet up in Vancouver too. I hope moving in is a smooth transition for you.
Umm...sweet website. I love cacti!

your friends in Japan said...

A little more on flight info!

Firstly, it's actually "Narita" airport in Tokyo, pardon my mistake.

But I would recommend checking
They advertise "cheap flights from Toronto". In one quick search I found a return flight on Air Canada for as low as $1300. Hope this helps any of you travellers who are interested in coming our way!

- Ian

Anonymous said...

you guys got a clock!! Im sooo proud of you guys!

I got my ticket to Kansai International Airport from Toronto through Chicago for about $950+ tax. I found it at
worked out fantastic!

Anyways, thanks again for letting me stay at your place, it was cool hanging out with you guys in Nagoya! hope your new bikes are working out great.

p.s. COOOOL bike tara!
p.p.s. im SO so proud. *tear*

-Mats (katsu)

Aaron said...

Hi Matsu.

Meaghan said...

you guys should've seen the crowd you drew into Derrick's bedroom with the appearance of your video. It was amazing and slightly scandalous. It was like you guys were at our party :). The apartment is so spacious, the closets themselves could be used like those hotels with the shelves! haha. It's wayyy better than the layout said it would be. and I won our shower debate Ian :) hehe. I miss you guys, and I hope you're settling in well (though your clock purchase indicates that you are).
love you guys lots!

Derrick M said...

Yeah, it was kind of crazy having everyone watching your video...

The apartment looks amazing, lots more room then expected! The sound of the door closing was a bit scary though... almost like a bank vault door... or is it not that loud in real life?

Anonymous said...

Ian, I just found out that DS games in Japan dont work on North American DSs. You might have to get one of those cool DS lites.

Hey Aaron.


your friends in Japan said...

Coooool! It worked!!

Katsu - We knew you would be proud. Thanks for all the support.

Ps. That makes me sad about the DS

Meaghan/Derrick - I am impressed we could draw such a crowd in your bedroom Derrick. Who knew we would be such showstoppers. And yes, the door actually sounds that loud in real life. We need to learn to let it go softly! And those closets - whoever decides to come in a large group will get to fight over the shelves cause that's where we'll be putting you!!

- Tara
Mats - Thanks, Sensei! We learned a couple new words out of it. "toke" = clock, and "ni-ban" = second (because it was the second clock on this big wall of clocks). At the same store I bought these cute panda bear oven mits.
You don't have to thank us...thank YOU for guiding us through the (ohmygod!!) crazy streets for the first few days. It was awesome hanging out with JAPAN!
Really a shame about the DS games though. Are you sure that's true?

Meaghan - Yes, we have a shower, but GOOD LUCK figuring out how to turn the gas powered water heater on. It requires turning a dial, then turning a crank 3-5 times, then waiting 5 seconds, then turning the dial to a different setting. Not the easiest thing in the world. Yet the hot water boiler over the sink turns on with the push of a button. Go figure...

Derrick - see what a good cousin I am? All the way on the other side of the world, and still getting you parties in your bedroom.
The front door is pretty heavy duty, but I think the sound is because it echoes in the big open space between the apartments.
The sliding doors are pretty slick though, and more efficient because they don't open outwards.

- Ian

Alexandra said...

COOL APARTMENT!!!!!! I wish I could
come visit you, but my mom says we
probably won't because it's too much money...

Love you lots!!! xoxo

your friends in Japan said...

Alexandra -
See if she'll just send you!! Haha
But yeah, it costs a lot of money to come here. Its too bad because it would be great for people to visit. Its so amazing and crazy different. At least you can live vicariously through our pictures and video though!!
I got a really awesome bike yesterday. We are going to post pictures of the bikes soon so you can see it, but its pink and has a basket!! Ian's is Orange. Its pretty cool too.
I miss you TONS!!! Keep posting, cause I like talking to you!!

Love Ya!

AJ said...

Oh yay, it works now! Nice digs!

Anita said...


Awesome flat! When are you guys going to start wearing kimonos?

My mom and I watched the video together, and I have a request for a video of the city!

Have you guys met any crazy english teachers yet? Are you guys going to get cast for that reality tv show on the life network - "English Teachers" ? Because if so, you guys should just start calling each other Senai, and Sensai Junior...I'll let you guys fight over which one of you guys gets to be which.

your friends in Japan said...

AJ - thanks! It's really a great place, and I think we're in the cool teacher neighbourhood. Lots of friendly folks around from all over the world.

Anita - we haven't looked into buying kimonos yet, but there is definitely a ton of shopping for ladies here. You will love it! The main department stores we've been to have about 7 floors of women's designs, and then a couple of little men's shops mixed in with housewares. Bon pour les filles, non? :P
I still haven't seen that show, but I can definitely see how you could base a show around it. So many funny situations that could come up here, and the crew of English teachers is really a funny little subculture here.