Thursday, September 17, 2009

September Changes

After a very busy August and early September, many things have changed. Tara and I have comfortably moved into our new apartment (pictures coming soon). I have begun studying ESL teaching at college. There are 5 courses that I must complete, and it may take around 1 year to finish all of them. Meanwhile, Tara has changed her study plan...again. She is now back at our university to study anthropology - 人類学 - once more.

Both of us have found 2 part time jobs. Between school and two jobs each, we are very busy! One of our jobs is very similar to the job I had in Japan, working for Geoff. We are tutoring Korean students living in Canada. The students go to normal Canadian schools during the day, and in the evenings we go to their homes and tutor them in English. Because the students are going to Canadian schools, they need to use English every day, so it is very important for them to improve!

このバイトは本当にGeoff先生の会社に似ているらしいです。Kings'のように楽しかったら嬉しいです。今週私とタラちゃんはこの仕事を始めます。ガンバリマス !!!