Tuesday, October 20, 2009

View of London in Early Fall

One of the best things about our new apartment is the great view. We are on the top floor, the "26th," of our building. Of course, the 26th floor is really the 25th floor, because there is no 13th floor in the building.

Here are a few photos from late September.

The building across from us is exactly the same as ours. As you can see, there are not many other buildings as tall as ours around, so the view is unobstructed.

Here you can see a church in the centre, city hall (the white building on the right), and Victoria Park is beneath the tall trees beyond the church.

Looking north over "The Forrest City".

Some of the leaves have started to change colour already. The weather has been cool, but sunny lately. We had a small amount of snow one night already. I wonder what the city will look like in winter when it is covered in snow.