Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SUPER KARAOKE CHALLENGE!!!! *Addendum: Voting Time Extension*

An update here...relief or disappointment, well it's hard to say yet. Nevertheless, without further ado...


"Fever" by Peggy Lee

Yup, a big dose of sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sore throat and a day off work in which I stayed in bed drinking tea. Regardless of your stance on the talent, there is no song, no video, no performance to speak of this weekend, as I didn't have the voice to speak of it with, let along sing with. Anyway, there is no ginger (that apparently makes sense in Japanese), so looking on the bright side there's one more week for y'all to get your votes in. Hope you're reading the fine print!


The following is the initial challenge post:


I'm not going to make any promises here, but there are some plans in the works for this year's first karaoke outing (it's almost embarassing that we haven't done karaoke at all in January), and this is your chance to make a request! That's right, if you post a comment on this page requesting a song you'd like me to sing, there's a chance* that I will perform it and record it for you and post it on this site sometime in February.

For the time being I'm going to say that I maintain complete control over the final decision, with the sidenote that I aim to please and I'll try to adhere to democratic principles.
Caveat elector: No quality guaranteed, in fact you should count on the song being almost unlistenable but I'll try* to include some entertaining* photos and videos to make the time pass.
So please make your requests before this weekend, and please be kind.


* includes most values between 0.0 - 14.9% .

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back to Back

Happy New Year!

*photo by Meaghan -- thanks!

I've been back to Canada and am now back in Japan and ready to keep all you avid readers (and even the many secret readers with broken keyboards) in the know on life and adventures in Japan. Of course you'll want to keep checking in, because later this year there are big plans to trek across southeast Asia, and begin the journey back to Canada.

Now where to start... Now I'm back to neatly combed single file lines at train stations, trains that run on time, video rentals for around $2/week, rice on a daily basis, Bindi (an Indian restaurant practically beside our apartment, and despite all the great Japanese food, probably the favourite restaurant of anyone who has visited us so far), guys with big big super-styled hair, guys who care more about fashion than sports, girls who make a career out of shopping, people with t-shirts I can read but not understand (that guy I walked past..."Vanilla Fudge"??? What was that about?), closely packed houses, riding a bicycle or scooter everywhere I go, a safe-feeling and leisurely 30-40km/h speed limit in the city, bowing constantly... a lot of good things and at least a lot of things that are interesting and amusing.

But there will be plenty of time to talk about Japan... still fresh in my mind is...

of course the great company - family and friends, thick juicy steak, fine beers, wide open land, understanding everything (well... most of... ) what people say, people with Chinese character tatoos and t-shirts I can now read but not understand (the symbol for meat tatooed upside down?), ball hockey, Hulk Hogan's American Gladiators (wow), new dvd releases for less than $35, salads consisting of more than cabbage corn and mayonaise, Squacon (the world's leading squid-based bacon), not being the tallest person in every room, big filling portions, shirts with long sleeves... enough good stuff that you'll probably see me in Canada again someday.

Now before I lose your attention...some pictures:

New Year's Eve in the Matheson Kitchen.

Devin marks the starting line as Ian and Kevin line up for an epic tricycle race at AJ and Andrew's stag & doe party/highschool reunion for many Centralites.

Luke attempts to use telekinesis to acquire a second drink?

Tara poses with future millionaire Luke Wright, co-creator of Squacon.

Ali does something for the camera, while Ian wears a cool shirt at a Winter Solstice party.

In search of a new job, Dave tries his hand at documentary film-making with his uninspired first attempt "Tim drinks an Appletini while I filmed it on New Year's Eve, and had a lot of fun."

Liquor and beer are ok to mix, but once you add champagne my eyes roll in different directions. "I didn't have that much to drink," Aj claimed the following morning.

Lovely Lauras Lianna and Tim surround a miniature Ian.

The tatoo - one of two. This one is Meaghan's, and Tara has the other half of the matching set.

Tim Golem's Christmas Special.

Well that gives our Japanese readers an idea what a Canadian New Year's party looks like, and gives our Canadian readers an idea what they looked like at a Canadian New Year's party.
Thanks to all the photographers whom I took these pictures from. Thanks to everyone who came around to see me while I was back, it was really great to see you all even if only for a short time. Also thanks to everyone in Japan for the warm welcome upon return. I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for the coming year.

- Ian

Kotoshi mo yoroshiku!