Monday, September 25, 2006

Inuyama Part I


Ok - First off, I have to thank my AWESOME parents for saving us in a time of need with a wonderful package filled with : LIFE!!!! (and much more...)
It was very appreciated, and what perfect timing too - we had just been debating what to have for breakfast!

Hooray! Tara finally gets a life!!!

Yeah!!! I have always wanted a life.....thanks guys :)

Anyways. As exciting as that was, the weekend just kept on getting better. The next day we decided to get out of the city and head to Inuyama, a town about 45 minutes away, with what they call, "a national treasure". Our mission: to invade a castle and then spy on local fishing habits.

Infiltrating the gates was quite easy. The samurai were on lunch break.

The national treasure, otherwise known as Inuyama castle, as seen from afar...

I also seen it from afar.

Along our path we noted some brilliant looking flowers, so we took a moment to stop and smell the....umm...prickly red things??


Oh wait...its not real. Good trick guys, but not good enough.

I tried using the ladles that were placed across the bamboo bars, but as far as I could tell nothing special happened. Perhaps I have been blessed with the luck of the dragon now, and just don't realize it yet. Or perhaps I have offended him and wakened the ancient evil spirits. Only time will tell.

OK - our mode of transmission won't let us post more than this at a time, so please see Inuyama Part II and III if you want to know how successful this outting was!

It was very successful.... oops I ruined the surprise. Oh well, tune in for more details anyway.


Daver said...

What are you looking at in that first picture Tara?

Oh and I can't wait for part II and III, I hear they are the best filled with crazy fishing ways.

your friends in Japan said...

Dave - Wouldn't you like to know.
Actually I have no idea. I was just making a funny face.
And yes, part III will be filled with crazy fishing ways....

Meaghan said...

ooo sweet. can't wait to see more :)
hahaha life.. yuck.

Alexandra said...

WOW!!! YOU GOT FOOD! That's really cool!!!!! Sooooo..... PUT MORE PICTURES ON!!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!

Derrick M said...

Very sneaky waiting for the Samurai to go on break... ;)

your friends in Japan said...

Derrick - Yeah I thought it was kind of a cheap plan. I mean, whats all his Karate training for if he's just gonna wait til they leave anyways??

Alexandra - YES!! FOOD!! We like food, but there is a lack if it most times, so the package was very welcome!! And more pics are on the way!
I love you tons and miss you LOTS!!!

Meaghan - Life is GREAT. Hahaha


Ali said...

So we were talking about Tara at work, saying the usual I miss Tara-ish things that we so often yell out when things remind us of her. Out of nowhere, "can I get a tall one"/trucker hat and sunglasses with scruffy voice guy says "why don't you give her a phone call". To which I replied loudly (because I didn't know where he was), "uh, she's in Japan, sir". (not that I wouldn't call you, but I'm assuming it will be expensive and would be difficult to figure out when we were both home. I would also need to know your phone number). It was humourous.

Thanks for naming your plant after me!! Hopefully the name will inspire it to be an entertaining fixture in your home. Maybe you could get Alison a hat or something? Because I like hats, and it would be kind of funny to see a plant wearing a hat. And then you could say "Oh Cousin Ali" everytime you looked at Alison. Ah, writing about a plant with your name is difficult and doesn't make too much sense. I'm sure you understand, though.

Oh, and I like how everyone wants to make the bean soup. It'll be craaaazzziinnneesssss!!

your friends in Japan said...

Ali!! - First off, the plant version of you is thriving well! Ian even bought it some pretty little friends so that it wouldn't get lonely!! And I agree, seeing Alison wearing a hat would be quite entertaining...

Bean soup for everyone!! But first - I have to get Meaghan to send the recipe to me! Haha. It is actually in a cook book that I left with her.

I miss you guys sooo much. People I work with here are not near as cool, and I miss our crazy customers....Thats too funny that he told you to phone me. Ugh..that guy weirds me out! Haha, he was always one of my least favourites!! to work I must run! Thanks for posting! I miss you!