Thursday, September 07, 2006

Here are the Much Anticipated Bikes

As you might have guessed, our Japanese bikes look very much like BIKES.

They have made our lives a heck of a lot easier already though. We can zip around the city with ease, weaving in an out of the sea of people, just like the locals. People are extremely responsive to a slight ring from the bell. Several times Tara and I have accidentally brushed our bells while just standing at a crosswalk, and had people jump to the side! It's amazing how the streets can be so packed, but people never seem angry or rude, they just move with the flow and everyone gets where they need to go.

Ahh....Felix-san. Dozo yoroshku.

These pictures were supposed to be posted last time, but there wasn't enough room on the page.
Ok, NEXT we'll be talking about the teaching experience!



laura said...

Nice bikes you two! And hi! I'm glad we got to have dinner in Vancouver before you left on "English Teachers: Ian and Tara." You should get panniers for your bikes - mainly just because I want them for mine and should have gotten them years ago. It's awesome that people will actually move out of the way for you - now that the students are back in town the average times I'm almost hit by a car while riding has tripled. How's the training, by the way?

Daver said...

Whoa those are some crazy Japanese bikes! Are you sure they are real bikes?

Mom Debbie said...

Finally...the bikes!!!! Very cool!!

your friends in Japan said...

I love my bike


Also, what are panniers?

Aunt Lori said...

Finally....totally worth the wait!!!!
I love your bikes!!! :)

Alexandra said...

COOL BIKES!!!!!!!!! I LOVE EM'!!!

Meaghan said...

yeah, but they look like AWESOME bikes! hahaha

and Ian, I like how your food matches your shirt :). You're taking style to a whole new level!
Finding a lot of Felix related things over there?

your friends in Japan said...

Laura - This place is great for cyclists. Cars stop if you even look like you might pass in front of them. It must have to do with the bowing ritual. So much respect for others.

Dave - well, they're called "jitensha" but ...yes, I'm fairly certain they're bikes.

Debbie/Lori/Alexandra - I'm hearing lots about "cool bikes". Nobody mentioned the COOL BIKE RIDERS!!!!

Meaghan - coolest Felix thing so far: a fuzzy cd case that was Felix's head.

- IAN!

Aunt Lori said...

Oh come on Ian, everyone already knows the riders ARE cool!!!!! ;)