Saturday, November 25, 2006

Part Two!! Nagoya Station, all decked out for Christmas!



Well, they may not celebrate Christmas, but they sure like to decorate for it! This is Nagoya's main train station, and how Ian and I get to work everyday. The rest of the pictures are all from up top where those trees are.

There were a few main themes running through their decorations. Teddy bears, colourful mushrooms, and down on the street....dolphins.

This picture may be over exposed, but it suits the psychadelic theme beautifully.

These white trees were quite nice and tasteful.....

I find this picture amusing for a different reason though. Back somewhere in our Kyoto pictures is a shot of Ian lined perfectly between 2 tall white trees. He obsessed over how good that shot was for a long time, and I think that is why he requested to have his picture taken here....

Yatta, Yatta!! Teddy bears are cute. This one was sticking his butt out into the amused me.
It took me a good while to get this seat. He was a popular fellow.

The station is always packed, but since the lights have gone up its near impossible to move through. I like it though. The lights make me smile.

Its amazing how well these shots work sometimes. Maybe one day we will actually ask someone to take a picture for us...

I was amused by something here, though I am not sure what.

Probably the bear with the butt...

This little girl was too cute. She was trying to make a peace sign for the picture, but couldn't manage to get that 3rd finger out of the was a good effort though.

I decided I'd show her how its really done.

I was trying to get a shot of Ian with the decorations but this boy ran up super excited and it didn't seem like he was going any time soon...

And finally, what you've all been waiting for. That magical Christmas Dolphin that lines our streets year after year....or at least, the streets of Nagoya.

I just don't get it....Dolphins???


Meaghan said...

hahahaha wow, the train station decorations are insane! it must be pretty kewl to walk through though.
Oh and I forgot to mention in the last comment I left, the leaves are so beautiful! They're way more vivid there it seems. But I resent the remark about people here not stopping to admire the colours in fall. I do all the time, it's my favourite time of year!

annnnd I LOVE that coat. It looks awesome with your scarf and hat. haha you know how I've grown fond of "clashing" colours (haha our couch plans) so I think it's pretty sweet.

your friends in Japan said...

Haha, first off, Thanks!! I love my new coat too!! Clashing colours work, you just have to know how to use them!
Second - my comment was not directed towards you or any person inparticular. Its more the fact that here it is a national pastime to see the leaves. Anytime you ask somewhat - "so what should I do this weekend?", or "What should I see in Japan?", they say, The Changing Colours.....they are obsessed with it here!

Aaron said...

This bear, mushroom and dolphin festival interests me.

Any snow yet?

We're getting dumped on. The whole city will shut down today because Vancouver has about 1 snowplow. And the guy who's charged with driving it probably can't even make it to work. How tragic.

your friends in Japan said...

Aaron - I can only hope that joyous annual gift man is generous this coming bearshroomphin festival eve.

Hah...snow. It's still warm during the days here. More like early-mid September weather. Getting a bit brisk at night, but certainly not winter coat weather. I'll let you know how how they deal with the snow when it comes. But I would guess that a small army of miniature plows will have the streets efficiently cleared within a minute of the snow hitting the ground.


aaron said...

I've heard Japan is really cold both inside and outside during the winter. Something about heating in homes really isn't all that popular. I forget where I heard that.

Mom d said...

Great pictures...and I must say I love that jacket also. I am assuming someone particularly nice gave you the hat and scarf!! The train station looks pretty cool. A nice start or end to your day. Keep those pictures coming...they make me very happy!

Dad said...

Hi you two. I am really glad that you have found a taste of Christmas, I was really worried about that.
Tara you look really cute in that coat and hat.

Our trip to the keys was a lot of fun. Hey on some keys they did have dolphins lining the road as Christmas symbols....hummm…..maybe it is not so strange after all.

Love dad

Aunt Lori said...

Great pictures!!! I love the bears!!! Too cute!!
Missing you both!!!

Justin said...

I'd just like to say that up until now I didn't miss the snow and the cold, but looking at your pictures, with their Christmas-like themes makes me feel like I should be wearing a jacket. There are Christmas decorations in Australia too, but it doesn't seem right. Especially the flashy neon snowflakes right by the beach. Just doesn't feel like Christmas.

Arlene said...

The pictures are wonderful. Keep up the good work! We are living vicariously through you, so keep the blog entries coming. We hope one day someone, who shall remain anonymous..Mr. Anonymous to you...
will publish some photos as well! I think however, that he must have eaten one too many cookies and might not remember his name or the fact that he even has a blog!