Monday, November 20, 2006

A Day in the Life ... (Of a Monkey)

At long last I have for you the final installment of the Kyoto adventure. It's hard to believe it was exactly a month ago that we were in Kyoto. Time does move along quickly here.
Anyway, without further delay, here's what you really want to see...
Uninterrupted, non-stop, monkey action!!!



Arlene said...

Hey you two...this is from a friend of mine who has lived and taught in Seoul many times. If you'd like to thank him, his name is Larry

The following are must see!!
1A-Korean Tourist Information Centre---Free movies and English HELP!!!
1-Gyeongbokgung Palace--also has folk museum on the grounds
2-Deoksugung Palace------both are old historical Palaces
3-National Museum of Korea
4-Rodin Gallary-----one of the largest!!
5-Insa Dong-------old traditional street-culture,coffee and shopping-in the evening free entertainment
6-Myeong-Dong-----Fashionable street for the young(I hate it)
7-Myeong-Dong Cathedral---If you are into religion!!!!-Close to the
shopping area
8-Korea House
9-Seoul Tower---just a view of the city
10-Namdaemun Market---Cheap outdoor shopping-Now this is for me!!!
11-Dongdaemun Market-----Also cheap shopping-you can barter-lots of fun!!
12-Daehangno Street--It means University street-millions of young people!!I also hate it!!!But the theatre is great!!It is the young people I hate-don't
get me wrong!!
13-Yonsei University---several other famous universities in this
area-e.g-Ewha Woman's University-This is all young people and
Fashion!!-------I hate it here too!!!
14-Itaewon-Originally a trading centre-all the foreign residents and tourists go here-Cheap shopping can be found here!!!I
love it here!!!
15-Yeouido---Tallest building in Seoul-housing museums and other
attractions-also-financial and business area-Who cares!!
16-Apgujeong Dong-Rich people live here?????Also famous for shopping and movie stars
17-Coex Mall-you can feel like you are at home-too modern for me!!
18-Bongeunsa Temple-Buddha lives here!!!
19-Olympic Park-----It might be a little cold at this time of the
year!!Ben Johnson made us famous here!!
20-War Museum----if you are into that sort of thing!!!I have been here several times!!
21-Seoul Land---Theme park-rides rides and more rides-open all year

PS-If they are nervous about finding a place to stay-follow these directions:Take the bus from the airport to Seoul Station.Then take a taxi to JONGNO SAM GA. Ask the taxi driver to drop you off at Pagoda park/Tapko Park(both names are used).You will now be in the centre of SEOUL. Face the
park entrance and lift your right arm--follow in that direction (about 200 feet)till you come the first main street-turn left.On this street,all the off streets to your right will have motels.If you want call-Jeong Hoon(MY friend)016-315-0782. He works very close to
this area and he will come and help you if you have any problems. Also,he can direct you to The Information centre.I am suggesting the Jongno sam ga area as it is the centre of every thing of any importance.Most things I have mentioned for you to see are in walking distance or a short subway ride away from here!

Derrick M said...

Silly Ian, talking to monkeys.

Meaghan said...

oh man, I want to take one of the baby ones home!!! They are so cute, like cuter than the baby goats cute. It's not fair!

your friends in Japan said...

Meaghan - I KNOW!!!!! And those baby goats were cute...
I kept saying I wanted to steal one, but I don't think Ian was taking me seriously

Love Ya!

Mom-ki said...

Very cute, thanks for sharing. I want to share the monkey saga with my class!

Justin said...

The video didn't play for me, but I'm assuming you guys hung out with monkeys and didn't take one with you. I would now like to express my dissapointment. Next time, steal a monkey. They do chores and make life easier.

jonahsaurus said...
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