Saturday, November 18, 2006

Where in the world are Tara and Ian?

Well, between the dates of December 28th and January 3rd, Tara and Ian will be found in SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA!

So, technically there are 2 winners for this one. Once again, you are too smart for my games. I will just have to be more sly next time.

Anyways, South Korea? You may ask how this came about. After realizing that our original plans were not going to work, we decided "hey...why don't we FLY somewhere??"
Of course the first thought after that was, "How much will it cost??"
So, we went to the travel agent with a list of places and said where is cheap! Seoul won that contest by a few hundread dollars. Interestingly enough there were also only TWO seats left on that flight. Fate I'd say. Someone wants us to go to South Korea.

Of course, Neither Ian nor I know the slightest about the country but we have been starting our research and requsting advice form other travellers. It actually sounds like it will be a neat place. We are attemtping to do a temple stay while we are there, though I am having a hard time making contact with the temple we are interested in.

Anyways, if anyone has any advice or knows ANYTHING about South Korea, let us know!!!

As for the winners : Arlene (though you did not follow rule number 5 we will let it slip! and Aunt Linda.....CONGRATS.
You will be contacted shortly with a skill testing question!


Arlene said...

How exciting!!! Do I win a trip to Soeul? Do I win some bulgogee or chap chae? What do I win? What do I win? Wait! A skill-testing question? I can't do those! Don't make me do a skill-testing question! NO SKILL-TESTING QUESTION, PULEESE!!!

Derrick M said...

You should email Brahm about Seoul, since he spent a bit of time there.

I will send you his email address through msn.

Anita said...

I know a guy who is half Korean...does that count?

Aaron said...

My good friend Meghan is teaching English is South Korea. But that's about all I know about it.

Mom-ki said...

I didn't know the deadline was imminent. I was thinking maybe Hong Kong anyhow. Now should Arlene really be a winner? She spelt Seoul wrong? Tsk, tsk!

Arlene said...

I did spell Seoul wrong! Oh my gosh. Well, I concede then.

I emailed a couple of folks I of my ex-students..a Korean girl who lives in SEOUL and a friend of mine who has taught in SEOUL many times. I believe he is there right now. Maybe they'll get back to me and I'll let you know..
if I don't have to take a skill-testing question.

jonahsaurus said...

try bi-bim-bop. it's tasty, and don't skip on the kochujung.

Daver said...

Yeah I don't know anything about Seoul, so don't ask me. Buuuuut the trip should be great! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Meaghan said...

wow, I didn't even get a chance to play :( hahaha well I hope you guys have fun :)