Thursday, December 07, 2006

Monkeys Monkeys Everywhere!

Things have been fairly busy around here, what with us acquiring the Wii, and my constant search for a new job, so there is not much new to tell. However, for your interest I brought my camera to work yesterday and took some pictures in one of my kids classes. I thought about taking pictures in the office, but since its about the size of a broom closet and a bit disgusting, I decided to spare you.
I also added, for your entertainment, some of those monkey pictures I meant to put up long ago.
So anyways, here are some of the monkeys I have been hanging out with lately:

It looks like they are in cages, but really we are the once locked up. If you want to feed them they make you go behind bars. And with good reason big guy nearly took Ian's finger off when he realized Ian had no more food!

Those monkeys belong to my kinder class on Wednesdays. The only thing I like about my branches is that I do get a lot of kids classes. BUT to keep you all updated, I have 2 job offers right now, and I have another interview lined up, after which I will make my decision. All the jobs are with kinder aged kids, in smallers schools, and with better pay! Wooo!
I will let you know when I make any decisions!
Thats all for now! I hope everyone is enjoying December! Also, keep a look out soon for a new Christmas based activity!
Love Tara


Alexandra said...

HI!! MONKEYS!!!(even though I saw some of those pictures on msn*giggle*) Those little kids looked a bit excited about you taking pictures!!

Well, love you, BYE!

Janet said...

Very cute. Good luck with the job search.

Daver said...

Wow I love all the monkey pictures! Oh and I guess I liked the animal ones too heheheh...

Anyway I'm happy to hear that things are starting to go right for you now Tara.

Oh and I want to hear more about the Wii, and what games you guys got right now.

Ga and Poppy said...

Hi Tara and Ian,
After nearly breaking my leg I am doing okay (but Mom says not really). But I think I got the worst of it...the wall looks okay! I think the christmas lights blinded me! Not the wine! Thats' my story and I am sticking to it!!!
I love the pictures of the monkeys and the Christmas lights!

Your mother is driving me crazy! She keeps putting in her two cents!

I hope you get a job that you like. Hang in there, things will get better.
We miss you lots, hope you can keep busy over the holidays, and the time will go fast. We love you and wish you were here! Hugs and kisses. Ga and Poppy xxoo

Ali said...

Those monkeys are HILARIOUS!! They're super cute. I'm jealous and wish I got to visit with monkeys!!

Congrats on the job offers, that's so exciting!! I hope whichever you choose turns out great. I'm sure it will.

Happy holidays!! MISS YOU LOTS!!