Thursday, December 28, 2006

Like Clockwork

Please note Tara's detailed itinerary of our upcoming adventure in the previous post. Also note my responses to your Christmas greetings in the giant blog-stocking post. Thanks!!!

As predicted, Christmas in Japan went off with highly efficient technical precision.

All gifts were delivered on time.

Naturally, this operation was executed by a 9.14m tall, gift-launching, Santa-bot (see below).
The Japanese sarariman (salary man, and no...I'm not making fun of their accents, this is actually a word in Japanese, obviously borrowed and butchered from English), took a brief moment to enjoy Christmas morning with their family, before getting back to the 10-16 hour work day at the office. No, just kidding...I think most of them had the day off except the employees of our "school" which seems to be the only English school in the country that doesn't give it's teachers Christmas off. Ah well, that's over and done with, and all in all it really was pretty nice. Definitely made nicer by the thoughtful comments that many of our friends/family/and beloved fans left for us in our blog-stocking (p.s. that was my idea! Cool, huh? That's sure to start a trend...I should patent it and sell it to or some other billionaire...).

So, just wanted to say thanks, Merry Christmas, and happy new year to everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, but I assure you
Please see Tara's detailed itinerary for our trip to SEOUL (!!!) below.

Without further adieu, here to say thanks the way only he can...

the big guy I like to call the Ho-Ho-HoBot.



Derrick M said...

That is a crazy Santa-Bot... it's kinda scary with Santa in there controlling it...

Aunt Judy said...

Hi hope you're having fun@!

Tim said...

HaHAHA! That HoBot is amazing! I feel like a monkey's uncle having missed your Christmas Stocking. I hope that a Merry Christmas now is almost as good as it wouldve been a week ago. Anyway! I hope you had a great time for Christmas! I hear that youre going to Korea! Thats awesome! Hope you guys have a great time there too! I hope everyhing is GREAT! Everything IS GREAT!

your friends in Japan said...

Derrick - yeah, it was scary, and I wasn't exaggerating the size. It was a few stories tall, next to a staircase in the weird mall spaceship thing. Make sense?

Judy - Thanks! We had a great time in Korea. Hope you had a great new year's as well.

Tim - Don't worry about it! Thannks for checking in in time to see the Ho-Bot! I knew you'd appreciate it.
You sound GREAT, glad things are going GREAT for you! :)

your friends in Japan said...

p.s. The above comment was from Ian.