Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ian and Tara's Christmas Stockings

Its our Christmas corner!!!
As promised, we have another little activity for everyone. You see, our Christmas is going to be a small one, and its hard not being around all of our family and friends, so we decided maybe you could help us by filling up our stockings!
Basically, this post will act as our Christmas stockings, and we would love it if you could all leave a little something in here for us on Christmas day. We promise there will be no peeking! No comments will be checked until December 25th!
We miss everyone so much and with Christmas around the corner it makes everything a little harder. We are making the best of it though, and I really hope you all do as well.
We don't even know how many people read this site, so it would be nice to hear from as many people as possible! Please help make our Christmas a little more Cheerful!!
I can't wait to open my Stocking!!!
Love you all lots and lots
Tara and Ian


Aaron said...

Ok for Ian I leave this book:

I know that's a long link but it's worth the copy/paste. We all need to know how to survive the robot uprising.

For Tara, I leave a framed, scratch that. A framed original of this picture:

Merry Christmas friends!

Derrick M said...

Aaron: I own that book! ;P
I am prepared!

Ian and Tara: I hope you have a Merry Christmas, and we all miss you here!

I also hope that we get a Wii in the house soon so we can play games against you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tara and Ian,

I want to wish you and Ian a Merry Christmas! You know we are going to miss you both....things won't be the same without you here!!!!

I hung an ornament on the tree beside Meaghan's for you.

I liked your picture of the tree and stockings, I'm glad you have some presents under there.

I hope you will get enjoyment from the cash we've sent you, I know that opening presents is more fun. But there is always next year, and think about all the fun you can have shopping in Seoul!!

We will toast you both with champagne and orange juice in the morning.

Merry Christmas....Lots of love to
you both,

Ga and Poppy

Laurie said...

Hi Ian and Tara,

Merry Christmas! It looks like you're having a wonderful time in Japan. From what I can tell on the internet it seems doubtful that you'll have a white Christmas there but it's doubtful here in Toronto too (it was 10 degrees C here today!).

Happy New Year as well - we'll be thinking of you back home over the holidays.

Laurie C.

Anita said...

Hi guys!

Merry Christmas and a good slide into the New Year as they like to say here in Germany!

Here's what I'm giving you both for Christmas (well, at least a link to the site, because I actually can't afford one of these...but one day, if I ever have money I promise you each a real one!

Please take a look, they are fun!

Anyways, hope you guys have lots and lots of fun for New Years!

Mom D said...

Merry Christmas!
Tara, I just arrived here in London. It is very strange to be here without you. We recieved your package yesterday at Grandma's house. It was very thoughtful. I know everyone will be thrilled! I know I love my chopsticks, can't wait to use them!
I am missing you more than you can imagine, but I am doing my best for Dad and Meaghan! It just doesn't feel the same without your smiling face! My heart is always with you, where ever you go what ever you do! Never more than at this time of year. I am just feeling your absence more than ever right now.
You and Ian make the most of your Christmas and we will do the same here. We will make up for it all, hopefuly in a few months!!! Remember how much you are loved and missed, always!
Ian, Merry Christmas, we miss you. We are hoping to see your parents over the next couple of days.
Our thoughts and love are with you.
Have a wonderful time on your trip!!!
Wishing you both only wonderful things for the new year!! I miss you both. Merry Christmas and Lots of Love always, Mom...Debbie xoxo

Meaghan said...

Merry Christmas! Even though it's not Christmas here yet... It's so strange to me still, knowing that you're all the way over there in tomorrow-land. It will be weird waking up in Ga's spare room without you to open stockings with in the morning... Even though we've had to be woken up the past couple of years haha. One of my favourite things ever is the memories of all those Christmas mornings with you, sharing all the excitement. But as weird as it will be without you this year, and as much as I miss you ALWAYS, I'm so glad that you had the opportunity to experience something so great, and you actually went and did it. I'm so proud of you :) I know you've had some hard times, but I really look up to you for going so far away and learning so much; I can only hope I get a chance like that too. I've always looked up to you, but I especially admire your courage to do this. You're so awesome!
Anyways, I could tell you how much I miss you in about 20 million different ways, so I suppose I should end it here and leave room for other people...
I love you soooo much. You're the best big sister ever and one of my favourite people on the whole planet.. I can't wait to give you the biggest hug in recorded history come April!!!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo (times infinity)
<3 Meaghan
P.S. Charlie Brown Christmas Tree? hehehehe

Arlene said...

Hi E-un and Tara,

Christmas won't be the same, (duh) but it will be unique (again, duh)and something you can revisit over the years. "Hey Ian, remember the Christmas in Korea when we ate all the Kim Chi and ended up grossing each other out?" In that way, it will be a very positive experience. Have the best time possible in Korea with each other and don't fret/sulk! Make it a great adventure! Blessings to you both.


Des said...

Hi Tara & Ian, I hope your Christmas morn is made more cheery by all these messages. Tara I don't really know what to say here other than I miss you so very much, this Christmas is just not the same with out you here. I am sitting in Minnie's room writing this, it is good to be here with all the pictures of you and friends on the mirrors and walls. The little Christmas tree looks in pretty sad shape, there is not enough lights on it and they put the hole at the front. We went for a walk through the park last night and even though there was no snow it was really pretty. That is the first time I have seen the park all lit up. I brought my old barely used hockey gloves with me, I am leaving them here at the apartment. I received the Snoopy Stamp you sent, it is really cool, I will use it at work and every time I do I will think of you! Thank you. I haven't seen the Charlie Brown Christmas special yet this year, but that is one of my favorites. Well I just finished my coffee, 2nd cup, and I could really use another....unfortunately there is no one here to go get me a nice STARBUCKS coffee! So when do you start the new job?

Any way I guess I should stop now. I miss you so much, I love you and we will see you soon in April.

Love Dad

Meaghan said...

Merry Christmas! I didn't forget you when I wrote to Tara, I just ran out of time hehe :) So now I'm back to leave something in your "stocking" :) I've been missing you lots too, so it was awesome to get to see and hear you both last night at your parents house. We had our own little trans-continental Christmas party! hehehe. At first I was confused by your little tree in the corner, but now that I know you made it, I love it :). I miss your creativeness, and those awesome nilla-wafer hug attacks hehehe. Once Christmas is over it won't be long before YOU get some sort of hug attack from me though, so be ready for it!
I hope you guys have a great time in Korea, I know your plans sounded awesome :)
Enjoy your Japanese Christmas... Christmas comes EVERY year, but a Japanese one does not (at least not for all us Canadians) so I hope you make the best of it. We'll all be thinking of you here!
<3 Meaghan

MomE said...

I have been trying to think of something special to send for your stockings but really just want to send you a few words:
ai (love)
yukuefumei-no (missing)
I need a bigger Japanese-English dictionary.
It has been a strange experience: MSN, Blog, but wonderful. You both have been so great at keeping us all up to date. You are missed very much but I am proud and excited for you both. The other night at the Rafferty-Matheson Xmas webcast it was a lot of fun; strange but neat.Talk to you soon. Merry Christmas, Love, Mom.

Luke said...

hey guys!

so for your stocking stuffer, i was going to hijack a plane (because i can fly planes you know) and fly both of your entire families over there so you could all spend christmas together, but after i hijacked it and brought it home, i lost the keys. you'd think airplane keys would be too big to lose, but i guess not. so now theres a 747 stuck in my driveway, and all i have left for a present is this:

merry christmas and a happy new year, we miss you!

AJ said...

Your stocking stuffer from Andrew and I lives here:

miss you guys!

Alexandra said...

Hello Tara and Ian!!! "We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy NEW YEAR!!" HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Love you lots, and miss you tons, xoxo

aunt judy said...

how are you guys your christmas corner looks awesome we will all miss you terribly but i hope you enjoy your day whatever you have planned to do you know you are in our thoughts and hearts always
tara i know everyone is sending you money but i wanted to keep the lucy theme so uncle dan and i got you the third season for christmas and your birthday so it will be here for you when you get home and of course your lucy didnt forget about you either she says hi and she misses you too (even though she likes it here with all her pals) we love you and miss you
i hope you have a great time on your trip and cant wait to see some pictures
merry christmas
love aunt judy XOXOXO

aunt judy said...

hi tara & ian
i hope you guys are well, if you only knew how long it is taking me to type this oh well never mind. when ever iam feeling blue i like to listen to some music and have a little saki ha ha ha. i know it's a low time for you guys but you will look back on your stay there as a once in a life time thing. have a great x-mas and new year. you know we all love you. love uncle bubba.

aunt judy said...

Merry Christmas Tara ande Ian! I hope you guys are having a good christmas, was santa good to you guys? i hope so. Hope you guys are doing ok and enjoy your christmas morning. i wish you guys were here and i miss you. Love B.randon

MomE said...

Aunt Sheila says you will get a message by New Year's. I didn't realize she didn't know how to publish comments. I will send her the instructions. She says to tell you that she follows your adventures regularly and wishes you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

No promises but I am looking into the cost of flights for July. MomE

Uncle John said...


Aunt Lori said...

Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said!!!
Know that we are thinking about you both!
Have a great time in Korea!
Can't wait for pictures!!

We miss you guys ALOT!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
Aunt Lori

Jake said...

HI Tara and Ian
Merry Christmas
I hope you like your presents. I miss you.
Love Jake

MomE said...

I thought I send you some good Canadian words for Christmas:
Timbit, Tim's, Timmies
Foyer (pronounce 'foy-ay')
hose, hosed, hoser
Ketchup or Salt and Vinegar chips
mickey (not mouse)
rink rat
T.O. or Tronno
Alberta clipper
Lake effect
colour, honour, centre
homo milk
wind chill
Nanaimo bar
all dressed
Merry Christmas, eh!

Jaime said...


Tara- Okay, first, your mom's comment almost made me cry, so i promise no sappy stuff. Your fabulous dahling! And since I never see you on christmas, i don't really miss you. Just kidding! Of course I do! I haven't seen you in eons, but i hope that you have a WONDERFUL christmas and that you are enjoying it over there. It's definitely an experience to treasure and i know you're making the best of it. Japan, AHOY!

Ian- Oh ian ian ian, what to leave you in your stocking? A lump of coal maybe? How about a play by play of how to make a myspace, so you and tara can get one. hm...the possibilities are endless. Well anywho, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Enjoy your time up there, you two are doing something that people rarely get to do and that, my friend, is a-mazing. So I hope ya'll are enjoying it! I miss you both! Take care of yourselves..and each other... (Yea, i went there..i took a line from jerry springer..) :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok well i hope you guy are having lots of fun we miss you guys well at least your not missing the snow cuz lets face it there is none but anyways have fun doin what your doin and and teaching little kids to speak english and merry christmas to both ian and tara

Love Aaron

Anonymous said...

Have a Happy New Year! and a very Merry Christmas from your Uncle Al and family AND all the old BALLHOCKEY TEAM!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Tara and Ian,

I too was trying to think of something new and clever to say....but as you can see....I am speechless! Most things I have wanted to say..have been said!

But, I wish you both a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year in Soeul!!

I love you, and miss you...its not the same without you here. But I know this is a wonderful opportunity for you and I am sooooo very proud of you!

P.S. I really missed you helping me with my wrapping...LOL, Oh and I loved you christmas tree!!!!

Merry Christmas...

Love always, Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

hi it's cameron. haveing fun i hope
merry christmas. i miss u

Anonymous said...

Hi Tara and Ian,
I guess you guys can't wait for Christmas. We all miss you here. Sure hope you have a good time in Seoul. I sent you some money with your mother, spend it wisely and have fun! Quila and Ezra say hi. Uncle Bill and Pat say have a merry christmas and a happy new year! I will e-mail you after Christmas to see how your holiday went!
All our love,
Aunt Nell and Uncle Bill and Pat

Justin said...

Merry Christmas. It's raining here. I was dreaming of a wet christmas and it came true. Hope you guys are feeling warm and comfortable whilst sitting by the fire and singing christmas carols, talking of memories past. Eat some turkey and do other stereotypical things.

Merry Christmas again.

your bro, Justin

Daver said...

Hey Ian and Tara,
I know this is kinda late but I was never one for doing things the normal way. I just want to wish you both the best christmas ever together. I miss you both too much. Just relaxing over at the apartment until the late hours of the night; doing fun things like watching movies and playing the DS together. Or relaxing over at the Cafe while we wait for Ian to be done work or playing Munchkin and laughing about all the stupid jokes in that crazy game. Or the tons of other things we always did, anyway the point is I miss you and can't wait to be able to see you two again.

Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

Merry Christmas you guys! Hope you haven't opened your stockings yet!
Speaking of which, I need to go fill my sisters because Santa called in sick. We've got lots of the relative coming to our place this year. I'm pretty excited, especially because my cousin is bringing his new labradoodle! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your Christmas! Things aren't the same without you here in London.


your friends in Japan said...

First of all: Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all. Special thanks to everyone who took the time to leave us comments here. Miss you all, but we'll make up for it later this year.
- ian
(p.s. Sorry you have to scroll through and find your own name here...can't help being so darned popular).

Aaron! - Congrats on being the first to get into our stockings.
Thanks so much for the book, it will definitely help when the robots from the Robot Museum inevitably revolt and take over the city.

Derrick - Hope you guys get a Wii too! My "Mii" bears a frightening resemblance to ME. Can't wait for you guys to meet Mii online. ;)

Ga and Poppy - Thanks so much for the gift. We will have a great time in Seoul, and can't wait to tell you all about it in the new year.

Laurie - certainly not a white Christmas. There aren't even any other white people here!
Also, one of my students is 9 and dreams of working for Nasa. I told her about you, and she was mighty impressed!

Anita - Thanks for the cool and useful rabbit-thing. It's cute, I'm sure it would be a big hit in Japan, like anything cute.

Debbie - thanks for all the support. We'll have a great vacation, and really look forward to showing off our Japanese-speaking, and chopstick-using abilities in the new year.

Arlene - thanks for the blessings, and advice. I'm really quite relaxed here, and trying to take in as much as I can with this experience. Also, congrats again on guessing SEOUL as our trip destination. We haven't forgot, and will look for an appropriate prize (not dog meat) while we're there!

Des - The messages did help on Christmas. I read them all before work to brighten my day. Hope you liked the little Charlie Brown Christmas tree I made! Looking forward to seeing you in April too.

Meaghan - I miss YOU, and YOUR creativity too. Can't wait for the hugs! I think it's a really cool experience to be away.... all the old sayings, are true you know, it makes you realize how lucky you are when you're away. And yes, we will have stories to tell for the rest of our lives about times in Japan, and the one and only (hopefully) Christmas that I had to work.

Mom - I'm glad that you've found it both strange and wonderful. There's a bit of ying for every bit of yang. Miss you lots, and hope to talk to you lots more soon.

Luke - you made me laugh when I needed to. Thanks very much.

AJ & Andrew - Thanks so much for the thoughtful gift!! I always wanted it. :D
Seems like just last month we were trying to immitate Asian food out on our apartment porch. Now here we "Asia" from what I've been able to ascertain from the locals. Well, the food is pretty good here too (though I still think we did a good job making it up), but there's no replacement for the company. I hope you guys are doing GREAT.

Alexandra - thanks for the Christmas carol. :) Miss you too. It's been nice talking to you online, and I hope to talk to you more in the new year.

Judy - you'll be very pleased to know that Tara has been thoroughly educating me on Lucy, making sure I watch all the episodes too. Lots of fun for us! Before you know it we'll be back to watch the 3rd season with you.

Bubbadan - Thanks for the advice. The thing to do here is go out to karaoke and sing your troubles away. If you're lucky, maybe we'll bring the video camera next time we do karaoke, and record a new music video. ...Hmm...maybe that's if you're unlucky. I guess it depends how much sake we have first.

Brandon - Thanks, man! Wish you could come see this place, there are lots of crazy things to see. Lots of nice girls too....they're pretty small though, so maybe we can stash a couple in our carry on bags and let you choose.

Mom (on behalf of aunt sheila) - Mom, please thank Aunt Sheil for voting by proxy. I hope she enjoyed the postcard and had an enjoyable Christmas. I also really hope Phil had a good Christmas because I know it's his favourite holiday.

Mom (re: flights) - COOL!

John - Don't worry, we'll be back soon and with finely tuned karaoke skills to put on a show in your basement. So ya better keep practicing if you want to keep up with us when we get back!

Lori - Thanks!! And rest assured I've been maintaining my status as a "good man," you can even ask Santa.

Jake - Thanks for posting. I hope you liked all your presents too. Have a happy new year!

Mom - Thanks for the words, eh.

Jaime - thanks for being Jaime! Always entertaining, and one of a kind. I hope you're doing well. :)

Aaron - Thanks for the freestylin' xmas message. I hope things are awesome in London. Pease!

Uncle Al, family, and Ball Hockey people - man, you lose a lot of weight when you eat rice all the time. You guys will probably be able to push me around when I get back unless I switch to the sumo diet. I don't miss the bruises, but I do miss playing each week. I'll be back one day to take my jersey down from the fence, when I come out of this temporary retirement, and I'll have the power of zen to aid my stickhandling. Ooooh....zen....

Linda - Thanks, and we'll be looking for your prize in Seoul, since you guessed our trip location so easily! Sorry, I don't think we'll be able to send you the Korean spa that we're spending a day at.

Cameron - miss you too. I hope you had a really fun Christmas!

Aunt Nell and family - thanks so much for thinking of us. We'll have a great time in Seoul, and we'll write all about it when we get back.

Juice - it rained here on Christmas also. Although, you said you dreamed of a wet Christmas... I had no such wet dream. Was yours about the Sugar Plum faeries though? Because then I kind of understand.

Dave - We really miss hanging out with you too. We're still hoping that you can come visit us here (but no pressure...we know it's pretty pricey). BUT, if not, we'll just have to party like crazy when we get back. Keep it real, dude (or whatever the kids are saying in Canada these days).

Heather - Hahaha....Labradoodle! That's gotta bethe funniest word in the entire post. Good one to save till last. :D I hope things are good in jolly old London town.
Sadly, the beer here leaves much to be desired...I anticipate the greatest beer-fest of all time upon my return.

Right. Well, that's quite enough out of me.
...and to all a good night.
Talk to you all in the new year.
peace and love.

Anonymous said...

Happy Coptic Orthodox and Armenian Christmas!

I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the day off, for real Christmas...