Monday, August 28, 2006

Saturday Part 2

With video camera in hand, and a look of near confidence on his face, our hero sets out across the great rift in the land, spanning 450 feet across. He has all good intentions of taking video footage from high up on this suspension bridge.

Approximately 25 feet into his journey, he decides that cameras belong in camera bags, and hands are much more appropriately used to clench the steel cables from which his life is suspended.

Having survived the treachery he plays it cool in the treetops, with a smug look of victory.

His girlfriend evidently experienced no such fear of the rocking bridge.

She was one of those long-haired tree-hugging hippies.

The two spent a few more hours wandering through the forest paths which wind through the forest floor amongst ancient trees (some that were 400 year old giants), and up onto a series of forts and bridges suspended high up in the trees like some kind of Ewok residential neigbourhood.

I hope you are all well. Please check back soon for the video footage of Capilano, as well as our Sunday trip to Stanley Park, and Vancouver's Aquarium.


Anonymous said...

You guys are too cute!!!
Great job keeping us up to date!!!
Keep it up!!
Safe travels for the next big adventure!!!!
Miss you lots,
Love Aunt Lori xoxoxoxo

Meaghan said...

whoa! I so want to go onn that bridge! it looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

You guys are having toooo much fun. I tried to get mom to go out on that bridge but she aid NO WAY!
So neither mom or I got to see any of the park.

your friends in Japan said...

Hehe. Also, yeah I can't really imagine Mom going out on that thing. You'll just have to make another trip out and next time say I'm going whether you do or not!! (Its worth it!)

Meaghan: YES. Go to BC. Go to that bridge.
Also there are many other wonderful sites to see in this place. Their license plates don't lie.

Aunt Lori: Coooool! You found us on the web! I think its way too awesome that you guys can see what we've been up to like this. I like being able to share it with everyone.

I miss all of you lots and lots!! Hugs and kisses all around!

Love Tara

Mom said...

I don't think this mom could go out on that bridge either but it sure looks beautful.

Laurie C said...

You may have put your camera away but at least you walked across the bridge - when I went someone in my group crawled across the bridge and got a lot of stares... :)

your friends in Japan said...

The bridge wasn't really that scary to go across. I didn't feel like I was in peril. But I still didn't feel secure enough to walk straight across without using the guide wires. I blame it on being tall! A strong breeze could have blown me clear off that bridge!
- Ian

Mom - Ha! That's exactly what I was thinking as I was going across: "This is something mom would NEVER do voluntarily!"

Laurie - Glad you found us on here. I remember getting postcards from you when I was younger, and you always had great stories to share. I'm excited to have some to give back now.

I didn't see anyone crawling, but there was one Chinese man who must have been about 80, and he was ranting in Chinese the whole way across. From his tone, I gathered that he was saying "Get me the hell of this bridge!" The onlookers applauded when he set foot back on land.