Monday, August 28, 2006

Saturday Part 1

Our first full-day adventure in Vancouver was a highly successful one. Oh, but first I wanted to share the important details of Friday night that Tara omitted:
I had the wild pacific salmon fillet in a sweet honey cumin sauce, with a side of basmatti rice and a colourful array of grilled vegetables including big pieces of broccoli, red peppers, carrots, and crisp baby snow peas. All this, of course, accompanied beautifully with a couple of the finest local brews.

As for Saturday, we began with a trip on the seabus, which was a fun experience in itself. At the head of a long hall, a large digital clock counts down to the next departure time. Locals sprint down the escalators, and through the walkway to the port where hundreds crowd onto the seabus. Windows on all sides allow for a view of the harbour as the bus moves across the water towards a scene of skyscrapers dwarfed by a green mountain range. On the other side, there was a bustling market with nearly anything you could want. We had a breakfast of a mango and coconut crepe (made from scratch before our eyes) with a ham & cheddar quiche with salad. Both were fresh, delicious, and enjoyed very much while we sat at a table on the dock with a brilliant view of the harbour and city. So Saturday was off to a great start, and at this point in the day we had only spent $15 total!

Next stop was Capilano Suspension bridge which I couldn't possibly do justice by describing to you. Fortunately we had our little digital friends along for the trip. The straight facts are that it is a bridge suspended 450 feet across and 230 feet above Capilano River. Also, it gets reeeeeal shakey when you have hundreds of people walking across it at once.

This park also happens to be home to the world's largest private totem pole collection, and the the world's only totem pole containing Ian Matheson.

*more pictures to follow shortly!*



Art said...

Guys, I was just going to suggest that you go to Capilano. It's around $20 isn't it? But so worth it.

your friends in Japan said...

Yeah, its soooo worth it. And yes, 20 dollars is the student fee. It's 25 dollars for an adult.
Definitly happy we checked that sight out!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the 2 of you are having a great time...I'm glad, you both needed it. I don't know if I'm leaving tomorrow SFL has a hurricane watch! Safe flying tomorrow. We love you and miss you. Love Mom xoxo

your friends in Japan said...

Mom -
I know I just talked to you but I am glad you like our site!
We are both having a ton of fun..this really is what we needed. Thank you guys so much for everything. I hope you and Dad have a safe flight, whether it happens tomorrow or night. Either way I will talk to you again soon.
Lots and Lots of Love