Sunday, August 27, 2006

Over the hills and far away

Greetings from out west!
Even though flying is terrifying, getting to see the mountains from that view was pretty freaking awesome.
I guess we will just give you a quick run down of Vancouver so far:
-Our hostel is tiny and probably the size of our house in Japan
-I found the coolest hat EVER

-We took my Dad's advice and checked out Steamworks which was amazing
-After an hour of wandering after dinner looking for a convienience store, I went to bed earlier than I think I have since I was 13

Please ignore this horrible set up of pictures. We are still trying to figure out how to work this site. But soon we will be pro's!

Anyways, we miss everyone and hope you are all doing good. Talk to you again soon.

With Love



Derrick M. said...

Hey, great hat. looks great on Ian :P

And having this site is a great idea.

Mom said...

Enjoying this telecommunications stuff.

Balance-Monster said...

Hey Ian

Nice pictures - how was the beer? Sorry I missed the going-away parties. I look forward to experiencing Japan vicariously through the power of Blogspot.

Safe travels.

Daver said...

Woooo name blog and pretty pictures! Oh and a very cool looking hat!

Ali said...

Glad you're having a great time so far. I agree with the scary flying part, but experiencing great places is worth it!! I'm glad you love Van. I miss it!! Take care and travel safely!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

it looks like you're having a great time, and you've barely started! derrick's right, this site is awesome! i can't wait to see whats next!

miss you both,


Anonymous said...

heyyyyooo, I read this yesterday but I've been busy with Aaron getting the house set up. It's weird here without you guys, but I'm glad you're having fun :) That last picture is the best ever! I'm gonna print it out!
I love you and miss you guys!

AJ said...

that IS a good hat!

your friends in Japan said...

Woo! We're so popular.
So apparently is my hat. But I knew it would be. Thanks for all the compliments!
I am glad that everyone is able to navigate the site easily enough. We are really excited to be able to post all this stuff for you all. Makes us feel a little closer to home!
Anyways, stay tuned - there's much more to come!

Love Tara!

Meaghan - I miss our apartment and agree it must be bizarre having Aaron there in place of me, but I am sure you two will have an awesome year. Give him a hug for me, and good luck with all the moving in stuff.

Hi everyone!
Glad to hear from you all. BC is a naturally beautiful city, and this is turning out to be a really nice transition period. Time to relax and reflect before heading off on the great big Japanese adventure. Thanks for all the support.

Meaghan said...


Anonymous said...

Tara looks SOOOO awesome in that one picture where she was sitting on that...wall...thing.....ANYWAY,
the site is awesome and it looks like your having fun!!!

Love Alexandra xoxo