Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Capilano Suspension Bridge Video

Hello. Here's a first attempt at sharing video; this one is taken at the Capilano Suspension Bridge.
Brief technical note: Unfortunately we didn't get our video editing program loaded onto this computer before leaving, but there is a program on here that puts videos together for us. It's convenient for now, but it means that I don't have much control over how the video is edited and compiled.
At any rate, here's the finished product... a little too cute for my liking, but you get the idea. It's a BIG BRIDGE, and on the other side there's an Ewok Village.


Clicking the link should allow you to view the video.
I hope this works!


Janet said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

That's carebear cute!

Keep up the good work. Though perhaps you guys should have saved that tune for when you got to Japan...since technically, that will be your real little corner of the world very soon!


Meaghan said...

haha it was cuuute. I want to go to an ewok village!!

we just argued over what i was going to type. i won! *cheers, ooh's ahh's* and i'm goig to type this. prepare..almost...deep breaths..are you ready?


but it really was very cool. just the perfect amount of cutesey

Melissa said...

Hey Guys!

Niiiice video! The editing was awesome (yyyayy for technology that does it all for you!) anyway, we miss you BOTH sooo much at S-bucks and it's been like four days.....can you come back from Japan early? That'd be great. Thanks. ;)

Derrick M said...

Wow, it is an Ewok village!

I'm definately going to go there sometime. :D

your friends in Japan said...

Wow. Thats some response there Meaghan. And yes. It was neat.
Also, I agree, it was a little too cutesy. But at least you guys get to see something - right?

Melissa - I miss you guys soooo much! Say hi to everyone for me. I am so glad you are checking out our site. Hopefully after today we will have some Japan pics up...tomorrow morning we are on our way. Scary eh?

I am terrified. Hehe
As for coming back early - sorry, but I think I may need to stick this out! I'll come see you when I get back though!!!


your friends in Japan said...

It's encouraging to get all this feedback! Thank you all for the support.

Personalized Responses!
(See, we really do read these...)
Mom - thanks! Glad you're enjoying the multimedia communications.

Anita - don't worry about that tune. You need to come up for a theme song for me to use in the video when you visit.

Melissa - thanks, we've seen a whooole lot of Starbuckses out here in BC, but they just don't seem the same without your team.

Derrick - Make sure you bring your C3PO toy with sound effects so you can impress the locals.

Meaghan said...

hey most of that comment was Luke haha. you should've known!

Derrick M said...

Maybe if I dress up as C3P0 the Ewoks will think I am god! Mwuahahaha!