Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I think this video is pretty self-explanatory, but I'll be happy to field any further questions.

p.s. remember to look below at the previous pictures and videos, if you haven't been here in awhile. arigatooo!


Daver said...

So I got confused, why was the man with one hand trying to kill the president? Weren't they childhood friends? And what did the dream about flying pigs have to do with the plot, thats the most confusing part....

I mean great movie, I got it right away man! Some of those shots were amazing, the architecture of these old building is amazing. It's hard to believe they built these things hundreds of years ago and are still standing so well. Keep up the posting!

Meaghan said...

wow.. it just seems so incredibly peaceful there. It's so beuatiful. I can't wait to go!!

Meaghan said...

it seems pretty beautiful too.

Arlene said...

This is Jean-Pierre...
I don't write but I follow with interest your trip and read your blog!
Really enjoyed the last pictures from Kyoto, they are top quality even online. Congratulations to the photographer(s).
How is the teaching going? I may consider going to teach in Japan if they don't notice my french accent...they may not notice.
Do you miss Canada? Probably not yet!
Enjoy your time there and keep away from foreigners.

A la prochaine,

Ali said...


Wow, your pictures and the video are beautiful. It must be such a peaceful place. I'm pretty jealous.

Those fish were HUGE!! Good thing you didn't fall in!!

Oh, and my favourite part of your videos is when Tara waves at the camera. It makes me laugh.

Tara, I also really like your dress in those pictures. It's very cute. And your hair looks darker, I'm assuming you dyed it. It looks good!!

Ummm, I don't have much to say I guess. I hope that my plant counter part is doing well.

Take care.


MomE said...

Incredible. I could use a bit of that zen.

Tim said...

Wolly Crap! Ian ans Tara! I know ive beglected to post any comments on your blog... and im sorry for that. But im gonna try to start doing it more regularely... because... you guys are totally living my f'ing dream! IM SO SUPER JEALOUS! Ok... well... keep up the good works.

Tim said...

Oh yeah... video is ok too.

Tim said...

AHAHA! JUS' KEEEEEEDING! The video is totally frickin beautiful! Im gonna kill you both when you get back because im so jealous of you. So for your safety... you'd better stay over there.

your friends in Japan said...

What enthusiasm you all have!! We should go to Kyoto more often - although I still have about a million pics from this trip to post...I should get on that!

DAVE: Yup, Ian's movies always feature one-handed men...
wait...what the heck were you talking about!!!

MEAGHAN: Beautiful and peaceful are understatements. BUT, you will see this your self when you come to visit!!! WOOOOO!!!

JEAN-PIERRE: Thanks for the compliments on the pictures! I have been having a great time taking them. As for teaching (if you can call it that), it is going ok so far. Nova is careful not to call us teachers but instead instuctors, since calling us teachers would be an insult to all those who actually are acredited for the job.

ALI: You will be happy to know your plant counterpart is alive and well, though I can't say the same for its little buddies. I think they need real pots because their roots no longer have places to go....Also, COME VISIT ME!!!!

JANET: I think EVERYONE could use a bit of that zen. The world would be a much nicer place.

TIM: Ummmmm.....I don't know whether to thank you or to run scared. Your enthusiasm is great though!!! You and Alexandra should talk...you are our most umm...'vocal' supporters. Hehehe
And one more thing...instead of you know..killing us out of jealousy you could just come visit, and then we would all be happy!! (and alive...)

More to come soon people!!!
Love ya!!

your friends in Japan said...

Dave - you have a knack for picking out subtle plot elements.

Meaghan - It is a very peaceful place. As Tara said when we were there "You just can't help but be relaxed here."

J.P. - I'm glad you're keeping up on our trip. It's nice that we get to share the experience with everyone through this blog.

Interestingly, when I ask students "Where do you think I'm from?" They guess Australia, U.K., America... they really can't tell the difference between any of the accents.
Since you have real teaching experience it would be really easy for you to find a job over here. The people are exceptionally helpful and acommodating, and they have a very interesting culture.
I am enjoying the English instructing. It has definitely improved my general communication skills.

Ali - I'm glad you were entertained by the video. Also, I find it funny that you picked up on the hair and the dress. You're so fashionable. Tara and I keep seeing stores here that we think you would like, and we say "hey, there's an Ali-store."

Mom - Zen's good for what ails ya.

Tim - Please look at the pictures of the zen garden again, and try to relax a bit.
Also, I'm really enjoying your blog. Your art looks great! Sometimes I use you as an example in class, when I need to define words like "talented".