Friday, October 06, 2006

The "One Month" Mark

Yup, thats right folks. It has been a whole long month since we got to Japan (Well a month and a week if you want to be picky). People here have been telling us that this is the point where we will start to hate it, but if we can get over this slump we will be fine.
Technically, things haven't really been too bad here lately. We are finally starting to make some friends and get out with people more, and we aren't getting lost 'quite' as much as we used to. My Japanese is even improving!! I can now count, intoduce myself, ask what something is, and how much it costs! Wooo. Its a start at least.
Our first paycheque is inches away now (yes - we STILL haven't gotten paid) and let me tell you, that paycheque will be a gift from the gods. I think money has been the most frustrating thing. Nova not informing you that you don't get paid for 6 weeks, then saying they will give you an advance, only to have to wait 3-4 weeks before you see it! And the bank seems simply to not like Ian nor I. Neither of us can figure out how to work our bank cards....we aren't that hopeless! So yeah, even when we actually HAVE a bit of money, we can't figure out how to access it! Ahhh - soon that all will change. Friday the 13th is our LUCKY day!!!

If you recall, when Ian and I were training there was a 3rd person - Jeff - also training with us. We all really hit it off and hung out a bit, back in the day. Then we parted ways and realized we had no way to contact each other. As luck would have it, Jeff moved out of his Nova 'apartment' and into the same building as us. He went to the building office asking if he could post a flyer saying IAN AND TARA: I AM IN FREEBELL. WHERE ARE YOU?? or something to the like...anyways, the staff thought it was weird and just told him our apt #, and now we have a friend!! Hahaha. Its great.

Unfortunatly we don't have anything really 'interesting' to post right now, because we have had a quiet 2 weeks. A combination of no money and a reappearing cold have kind of zapped our options as well as our energy. However that said - next week we are reeealllllly hoping to make it to Kyoto! Our first major outing! We are both very excited, and I promise every one there will be a massive amount of pictures and video coming your way after that trip.

Anyways, I just thought I would post to say hi and tell everyone that I miss them and we have not forgotten about you!!! I hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving, and I wish I could be there celebrating with you all.

Lots and lots of Love


Meaghan said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We all missed you last night. Hooray for getting paid next week. I really hope you do get out to Kyoto!
love you and miss you tons and TONS!

MomE said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Derrick M said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

uncle al said...

Congratulations to both of you on your japanniversary. May the rest of your time be prosperous(like paid) and happy(like joy joy).We miss Ian at ball hockey!
whole lotta' love
uncle al and family

your friends in Japan said...

Hey Everyone!! Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! We didn't do anything in the way of celebrating but we were sure thinking of everyone!

AND - we are going to Kyoto! Ian got someone to cover his Wednesday shift, so we are planning our trip now!

Mom D said...

Fabulous, I know how much you have been looking forward to that trip. Have a great time!! Looking forward to lots of pictures. Love Mom d