Monday, October 23, 2006

Kyoto: Part 1 of Day 1

So as you all know, on Wednesday we headed out on our first real adventure - to KYOTO! We decided that we would take the local trains instead of the Shinkansen (bullet train) because it would save us some money. Unfortunately for us, the Shinkansen may be more expensive, but it makes up for it by being easier. We lost a fair bit of time in our first day because we didn't know how the local trains worked. Then when we finally did arrive, I decided to take the map and direct us to our hotel. Anyone who knows my sense of direction will immediatlyask...ummm...why???? So I got us lost for a bit but eventually Ian took the map and we were at the Hotel in no time. Unfortunatly by then it was around 2 and most sites close around 4 or 5. But we headed out anyways, in search of the silver temple that isn't really silver (Ginkakuji Temple).

Ginkakuji Temple was absolutely gorgeous. The temple itself was impressive but the grounds with all the gardens were the real appeal. It was built as a retirment villa for Yoshimasa and established as a Zen temple in 1482.

There is a waterfall in behind me, though it didn't turn out in the picture.

You will notice that everything is still super green, despite the fact that it is mid October. Apparently fall here doesn't really start until around November. I ceertainly won't complain about that! We were a bit disapointed though, because people kept telling us the 2 best times to visit were in the fall when the leaves change, and in the spring when the cherry trees bloom.
I guess we will just have to go back!!

From the main grounds there is a path winding up into the mountains: When we reached the top there was a beautiful view of the city. Unfortunatly because the sun was setting on it, none of the city shots turned out great.

The sun did help make for a few other impressive shots though! Actually if you recal from from the previous post, the Rivendale looking picture is from this same location.

Though the temple itself was probably the least impressive of the ones we saw, the grounds more than made up for it. This was one of my favorite places we saw.

These sand gardens were so impressive. We kept seeing them everywhere, and I can only imagine the effort and time that goes into making them look so perfect.

I have a few more shots from Ginkakuji which I will post soon. As I said before, we have about 200 pictures, and Blogger is picky about how many they will let us put up at a time. Enjoy these one though, and there will be lots more soon! Ian is also working on editing his video which he will do in 3 parts, so there is still lots left to see.

I miss everyone!!!

Love Tara


Anonymous said...

Looks like quite the place, that kyoto temple. (Even if it is the 'least impressive')--and the monkies! Monkies? or is it monkeys... I know there're not monkees*. I like the picture of the temple on the water. and the one of tara with the sun alot.

*for more information visit

votre petit frere quebecois. said...

oh ya, the last message was from Kevin... who thinks the monkees are alright, but would probably never purchase any of their albums.

votre petit frere quebecois said...

Ok. it should be noted that when I made the monkey comments I did not realize that there were already on the last entry 5 comments dedicated to exclusively to monkeys and one referencing bananas... that is to say, I thought I was the first to say something about the monkeys. Anyway. We still haven't clarified the appropriate spelling.

your friends in Japan said...

Kev - I wouldn't worry about it. You're plenty original.

I miss my brother, he's funny.


Meaghan and Luke said...

you're taller than the door!

(we just argued about who got to say that)

oh, and you can see the waterfall in the video! it's purty.

MomE said...

Here is the answer to the monkey question. When adding 's' to words ending in 'y', ordinarily change 'y' to 'i' when the 'y' is preceded by a consonant but not when it is preceded by a vowel.Ex. comedy, comedies,and dry,dried BUT monkey, monkeys and play, played. I hope you all sleep better tonight.

MomE said...

And then of course one can:
have a monkey on one's back
monkey around
make a monkey of someone
use a monkey wrench
while wearing a monkey suit
being up to monkey shines...
I've missed a couple of days so hope I'm not repeating any of this monkey business

your friends in Japan said...

MeaghandLuke - I suuuure am. I'm taller than a lot of stuff over here. I hit my head a lot too.

Mom - ha...ha...ha...