Saturday, March 03, 2007

We're back!!!!! (online...)

Ok now I know many of you think we have forgotten our blog but its not our fault that we haven't been posting!!
We haven't had internet for about a month and a half now, making it VERY difficult to keep you all up to date! But I promise you all that our new house is AMAZING, my new job is also amazing, and Ichinomiya is sooo much better than Nagoya!

We are currently working on house video and korea video...yes there is still korea stuff. But in the meantime I do have a plethora of pictures for you to peruse!

So, a little run down on what we have been up to as of late.
We moved into our new home with the help of 2 wonderful nihonjin, Yasushi and Junpe. Both have been a world of help and great friends to us this past month. In fact, Yasushi has taken it upon himself to teach us nihon-go (Japanese). He comes over every Sunday night (nichiyoubi) and helps us study. We are making progress!!
Junpe is moving back to Tokyo, which makes us sad, but he has graciously offered to help us around Tokyo anytime we go there!! (Mom and Dad you should be especially grateful, since as it turns out, its a bit of a pain to get from Narita to Tokyo Station!)
Anyways, not long after we moved in we held a small house warming party, and here are some pics from that wonderful evening!

I'm not sure what Yasushi was trying to do to Ian...but it sure was funny!!
The other picture is of the 2 who are leaving us. Junpe (in the stripes) is going back to Tokyo, and Yusuku is moving to Canada...go figure.

Ok. Those are just some of many left to come. February was kind of a 'party' month for us. Many going away parties, welcoming parties, and of course, our housewarming party.

Ichinomiya has been a good move though. It just feels better here.
My school is really great so far. It consists of myself and the owner. He teached the adults and I teach the kids. So far most of the kids have been ok,and the parents are really nice. It also gives me another chance to practise some Japanese!
I have one adult lesson that is awesome though. I ride my bike down the street to this woman's shop (thing like Pier One but privately owned). Anyways, I go to her shop and sit and have coffee with her and 3 of her friends, while I teach them english. Its great!
I'm in the midst of redecorating the room right now (the old teacher left everything in a bit of a disaster) but as soon as things are cleaned up and I going to take some pictures for you all to see.
Alright, this is all for now. I have many more pictures so post so keep checking! You won't have to wait a month this time!!!

I miss everyone LOTS!!!


Ali said...

AMAZING!! Things sound wonderful, and I'm so happy that you're happy!!

Still miss you tons, obvs!! I now know that you are DEFINITELY not home, and anytime I see a twin, I'll say hey, stop looking so much like Tara and causing me insane confusion!!

Hello and I miss you too, Ian!!

Aunt Lori said...

Hey, nice to finally have you guys back!! I have been missing you.
Glad to hear things are going so great for you. You sound so much happier!!!
Can't wait to see more pictures!!!

Missing you lots,
Love Aunt Lori xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey...I was so happy today, to see you up and running again! I have really missed reading the blog. I may not post everytime, but I certainly check it everyday and I missed reading about you two.

I received my "prize" this week, Thank you so much! It is truly beautiful Tara. You picked a perfect prize for me. I love the colour too! Thank you for the cds also, it is wonderful to see what you are experiencing.

Thank you again! Happy to have you back...

Love and miss you lots,

Aunt Linda

mom-ki said...

Glad you are back on-line. We are looking forward to new photos!

anita said...

Great to see you guys live-and-kickin' again!

Arlene said...

Well, well, well...if it isn't the Bobbsey Twins! Things certainly seem to be looking up for both of you! So glad! I'm looking forward to pictures of your new digs and to more of your adventures. Continued happiness in your jobs!'re getting skinny...Tara...start feeding that boy!

Derrick Matheson said...

Ian, Yasushi seems to like being in your personal bubble! :P

Oh and, YAY! you guys are back online!

Sounds like everything is going good, excellent.

Things are going pretty good here as well... Fraser has come and visited the last two weekends, I only got to see him the first one though. He seems to be enjoying Army life.

I seem to have found myself a girlfriend, so that is also good :D

Anyway, I'll talk to you guys again soon,

Derrick Matheson
(still dont remember that user/pass, meh)

Anonymous said...

You guys are back!!! I thought you guys already went back to Canada or something. You should have moved to Tokyo!!!! Anyways, I am thinking of going to Aichi-ken this week or maybe next week. Lets go for a drink!!!

yOshi mOmOnGa

Mom d said...

Finally, I missed you!! Can't wait to see your new place. 51 days (says Meaghan) and I get to see it in person. Can't wait!!! You both look great. I am happy to see you both so happy!! Lots of Love Mom d

Meaghan said...

actually it's 57.. I miscounted haha.
But either way, I can't wait!!!!
Those pictures are awesome, you guys are looking good! Can't wait to see more!!!!

your friends in Japan said...

Everyone - thanks, and I'm very happy to BE back online and e-connected to you.

Hello Ali,
If you see my twin, please kill him. He is the evil one, and ought not to be trusted.

Arleeen, don't you know Ian does ALL the cooking in this house?
And yes, I've been getting thinner since we got here, plus I've recently cut down my junkfood intake, and started exercising at a gym. Full steam ahead!

Cousin Derrick, excellent work with the acquisition of a female. I'm also glad things are going well for Fraser; keeping him outta trouble! ;)

Yoshi! Come on over!

Debbie and Meaghan - SEE YOU SOON!

Meaghan said...

p.s. I want THAT camera!