Saturday, March 10, 2007

A random barrage of photos to keep everyone up to date

Ok, these pictures help recount the month that you all missed. There was a trip to the zoo with Yasushi and his family; drinks with Yasushi & Nathan & Yusuku & Junpe; A Nonami Karaoke Party (one of the Nova's that I used to work at); and I think that might be it for now....anyways, enjoy!


Daver said...

Just to update people on men's fashion (because I seem to know a bit about it seems (who would have thought ME of all people who know anything)), the guy in the thrid picture wearing a white tie is doign it ALLLLLLL wrong. The tie should come down to your belt at least if not a few fingers longer! Well that's your lesson on men's wear, wait for the next lesson when I teach you how to tie a full windsor knot.

Anyway the pictures look great! and look like a lot of fun, keep them coming or else!

Warning: I may or may not be a bit drunk when writting this.

Arlene said...

What is it with Japanese young people and the protruding tongues? They always did that in class pictures, too! And then of course, there's the old peace sign, usually over someone's (my) head. Some things just never change! Tara seems to have picked up one of those habits...thank goodness it's the better of the two!

alexandra said...

HI!! These are all great pictures, and it looks like your having alot of fun!!! (Sorry that I haven't been posting comments recently... I'll try to post more comments now!)

LOVE YOU!!! byyyyyye! xoxo

aunt judy said...

hey guys
great pictures it looks like your having a ball you both look great
we love to see your pictures
uncle bubba says hi too
i love you
love aunt judy and lucy too!

momE said...

Konbonwa, love the photos. Have you guys seen the movie, 'Babel' yet? I think it must be a fairly realistic portrayal of Japanese life. :)