Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Final Video Installment From Korean Series

Konnichiwa tomodachitachi.
Hisashiburi desu ne?
(The cool thing is that I can write that in Japanese! I even know about 40 of the approximately 3 billion kanji symbols.)

Finally we have internet again! Our new house is great, and our stay has been made even more enjoyable by the overwhelming generousity of some locals.

Unfortunately, due to our lengthy absinthe from the globalized-interconnected-webology, we have been unable to keep you properly visually updated. You missed out on the videos of Korea (Yes, we know the same video effect can be achieved by scrolling quickly up and down the page of pictures, but it's a fun hobby for The Ian). Since we need to keep this show moving, we're going to save most of the Korea footage for a special edition DVD to be released sometime later this year. You will also miss footage of a local zoo, featuring a variety of Seussian bears that only bear the faintest resemblance to Canadian bears.

Every great film maker goes through that artistic crisis where their work is hated by the popular press, loved by those who don't understand it but want to appear sophisticated, and misunderstood by all. Sadly, poor amateur film makers occasionally go through a similar phase with the added bonus that they themselves don't understand their work.

I give you...
3 Million Buddhas (I'm Guessing)

Well, that's about all from me.

OH, one other thing: Sometime in January all my coworkers decided to start calling me "The Ian". It's the closest thing I've had to a nickname since Anita and AJ called me "Ianly Ian" in highschool. Maybe I can only be described by my name. Words defining themselves rarely help English students ("Come on Hiroshi, you know's like when something acts as a SIMILE. Why can't you get this??? I give up...this is like talking to a brick wall...) no matter how hard I try.

The Ian


Meaghan said...

hahahaha I enjoy your new nick-name. I noticed Tara called you that in the last post and I was amused by it then as well.. it's nice to hear the back story.
also, that video made me miss you guys sooooooooooo much!!! Not that I didn't miss you soooooooooooooo much before, but it made me realize just how long it's actually been since I've talked to you, and that sucked. But it's kewl, as I said in my last comment: 57 DAYS!!!

Daver said...

Really liked the video man... or should I say The Ian. But I have to agree with Meaghan, that movie really did remind how much I miss talking to you guys (although I have got a small conversation in already, it wasn't enough!). And sadly I'm not going to be making to Japan in 57 days like some people but hopefully not too much longer after that!!

MomE said...

Much thought and discussion went into naming The Ian. His great-grandfather was unhappy that we had not called him The Iaian: from the Scots Gaelic.
I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 Million Buddhas. Tara, you have such a flair for direction and Ian, it's good to see you branch out from your earlier funnier stuff; the Sanchez short, to see you have the flexibility of other leading roles. Bravo, mon fils!

Derrick Matheson said...

Oh I love the Traditional Korean Latin Jazz Music... best music ever... :P

Also... the Koreans and their Buttery fingers... oh my...

Yes, I also want to get over there to the land of Godzilla... but I don't know if my wallet will let me... damn thing.

Art said...

Oooh, a special edition DVD. Here I was just about to order the regular one. Looking forward to it, and I'm glad you guys are posting again.

And I liked your bear pun.

your friends in Japan said...

Meaghan - Sorry to make you miss us, but I'm glad you enjoyed that little appetizer of what the summer may hold.

Dave - I'm really glad you're still looking into visiting, please let me know when you have some idea of when you might like to come.

Mom - thanks, I'm glad this "piece" (of...) was so well received.

Derrick - it's true about the butter-fingers, while we were in that little bar something was dropped every 5 minutes. And, it really is unfortunate that the price tag is so steep across the Pacific. But you're a computer guy...can't you figure out some way to download yourself over here?

Hey Art! I'm glad you checked this site in time. Don't be wasting your money on the original edition now. Once the special edition is released, the original will be in the 3/$10 bin at futureshop, but anway, it's worth the extra cash to invest in the LOTR-epic-lengthed video of a Korean palace where I accidentally had the camera running with the lens cap on for 1 hour, and later dubbed on director's commentary ("Yeah...I still have the lens cap on....that's why it's still black... also, I don't know where we are....")
And thanks, I miss being able to make puns that people GET.


AJ said...

Dear Ianly Ian and Tara-ble Tara (bahahahaha), That's a lot of Buddhas! I was just thinking today about that evening in the summer that Ian made cucumber rolls and Andrew & I made tempura vegetables and Tara made a fabulous playlist and we sat on your porch and it was a really nice, warm-breezy day and we drank sake. I think I either miss you guys, or I really have a thing for sake. Possibly both.

Anita said...

Hola Ianly Ian and Tara!

Sounds like you guys are having a fantastic time!
I can't wait to see some pics or your new place!