Thursday, March 29, 2007

Spring has Arrived!

Hello everyone!!
Just a little update on what has been happening over here. It is officially Cherry Blossom season in Japan, and I have a busy week of blossom sighting ahead of me. Since they only bloom for about 10 days, cherry blossom season is a huge deal here. News reporters are sent out to spot 'the first blossom' and people take time off just to go and watch. I for one am excited and promise to post many pictures.

For those of you who are not aware, our Birthday's are just around the corner, and we decided to celebrate Okinawa style.
That is to say...we are going to Okinawa!!! If you look up images of Ishigaki, Taketomi, and Irimote, you will get an idea. We are going to spend our week Island hopping, resting on beaches, riding buffalo, and hiking through jungles. It promises to be quite the adventure.

This month is sadly a month of goodbyes. We are saying goodbye to Junpe, who is moving back to Tokyo, Yusuku, who is ironically, moving to Canada, and Jeff, who is leaving us for Hiroshima. But we are busy bribing other people to be our friends, so don't you worry. We aren't getting lonely.

Anyways, here are a few pictures of some of my students, as well as my trip to the zoo with Yuki and his parents. My classroom is slowely improving, with help of all my students who I have forced labour from. That is...I made them make a ton of paper flowers. My students range from 1 year old to 9 years old and MOST of them are great. I am going with one student and her Mom to see Cherry blossoms on Tuesday night! Wooo!

Yuki looks terrified because the monkeys were having a fit of some sort. To be honest I was a bit scared myself...

The giant guinea pigs were a lot more subdued. Really smelly though.....

Me, Yuki, and his very nice Mom!

Isn't he cute???

This is another Yuki, also cute and very smart! Here he is enjoying our nice new carpet!!!

Flower Girls!! Erina, on the right, was the one who showed me how to make the flowers. Ayano, on the left, is the one who is taking me to see Cherry Blossoms on Tuesday night. Also, as a side note, Ayano has to be home by 7 every night so she doesn't miss Full House. Hehe.

These are another 2 of my favorite students. Their names are Hugh, and Ewan.

Yes. Hugh like Hugh Grant, and Ewan like Ewan Macgregor.

They are hilarious and I love the fact that they used to cry in the old teachers lessons, yet their Mom tells me they look forward to mine. Plus they have never once cried in my class. Wooo! #1 Sensei!

I think he's cuter than Ewan MacGregor.

Misato and Megu! These two are great. For everything that I teach them in English, they feel it their duty to teach me it in Japanese! I love getting PAID for Japanese lessons. Today I learned my colours!!! Midori ga suki desu!!

Lucky Rika! Because of Schedule changes I got her in a class on her own for the month of March. She's a cutie.

Ok, thats enough for now! There will be more soon!

I miss everyone!!!

Love Tara


Meaghan said...

awww! I just want to squeeze them all!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Meaghan....they are adorable kids Tara. I am so happy that things are working out at the new school!

I can't wait to see the cherry blossom pics....I hear they are soooo beautiful.

I hope the two of you have a great time island hopping, sounds like fun!

Love and miss you,
Aunt Linda

your friends in Japan said...

MEAGHAN! - You might want to keep that to yourself if you plan to apply for jobs here.
"Please let me squeeze the children! I just want to squeeze them allllllllll!!!"

Linda - We'll be sure to get lots of Cherry Blossom and Island pictures for you to enjoy.

Meaghan said...


Meaghan said...

I didn't mean really hard or anything. geeez.

Debbie said...

Adorable pics Tara!! They are all way too cute! I am so happy to see you happy!! Can't wait to see you both. Lots of Love Mom d xoxo

Alexandra said...

sorry.... I'm just excited! :P

Love ya!!!! BYEEEEEEE!

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Cameron!

Looks like things are awesome fun lucky happy in Japan! Wish I could've had the chance to do what you're doing, maybe down the road. :)

Can you drop me an email at albedoATrogersDOTcom? Needed to ask you a favour. ;)


Justin said...


Sounds like you guys are going to have a sweet trip. Good to have a break from work as well I bet. Happy Birthdays soon! Eat Cake. Tara, make sure to put money in Ian's cake cause that's how they eat it in his household. Strange people but you grow to love them. Sounds like you guys are having some good times. Bet your teaching style has imporved greatly. Nice pics.


Mom d said...

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Miss Tara, happy birthday to you!!!! Lots of Love Always, Mom xoxoxox! See you real soon!!

MomE said...

Awesome pics. Well done, sensei! Happy Birthday you two!

~Alexandra~ said...

Happy birthday Tara!!! I misseed not being able to call u to say that!! Well, I know ian's b-day is sometime around... now..., so just in case I don't get the chance to say it later, Happy birthday to u too Ian!!

LOVE YA!!!!!! xoxo

Yasushi said...

Welcome back to Ichinomiya.
How was the Ishigaki Island?
It was amazing, wasn’t it?
Please share your experience in the Island with us.
I am a Japanese but I’ve never been to the Island.
By the way, on the 14th it is Ian’s birthday.
We will have a birthday party on that day or sometime.
See you later.

One of your friends in Japan