Sunday, January 02, 2011

鍋 (nabe)

Another great way to stay warm during the cold winters, nabe is a hot pot set in the centre of the table. Gather your best friends around the table for a night of eating, drinking, and merriment.

Get all the prep work done first - fresh cut vegetables, wontons, cubed tofu, thin strips of meat, and noodles - and you're ready to embark on a fantastic and fulfilling evening.

Here are Matt, Erina, Dave, and Parren, in the pre-nabe phase. Having just come out of the cold, everyone was happy to sit under the kotatsu (see previous post) and stroke this prized Cookie Monster pelt.

The pot is filled a little bit at a time, stretching the dinner into a multi-course meal. In my opinion, it's the ideal way to eat. Everyone taking a small bowl at a time, continuing on for hours.

But the best part is definitely the conversation, and shared time with our friends.


Vince said...

Hey thats what I had for new years dinner! But I promptly threw it up after because all that rum was just so eager to get out. It took my dinner with it.

your friends in Japan said...

Hey Vince!
Too bad about the puking. Rum doesn't like to stay in stomachs too long.
You should drink hot sake with nabe. It's the perfect compliment.