Monday, December 06, 2010


There is no better way to warm up in winter than with a 'kotatsu.' The kotatsu is a brilliantly simple invention. A table with a blanket under the table's surface, and a small space heater affixed to the underside of the table. Breakfast or dinner, the kotatsu is the way to keep warm this winter. Especially since central heating doesn't seem to exist over here!

Sunday morning. Blueberry pancakes. Coffee. Kotatsu.

And in the evening, you ask? Homemade gyoza (fried pork dumplings), a couple cans of Super Prime beer flavoured alcohol, some rice, and of course slip under the kotatsu blanket. You'll be feeling warm and sleepy in no time!

Mmmm…. Ian's homemade gyoza! I have to say they were pretty tasty little things.

And besides making food, and staying cozy under the table, I have also been trying to regain my Japanese ability. Studying Japanese writing is a long, hard journey. On top of the two separate phonetic alphabets, one is expected to learn 2000 of the more difficult 'kanji' (Chinese characters) to be considered acceptably literate. I think I can read about 80 so far… I'll let you know how that goes.

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