Friday, May 01, 2009

You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

The great thing about having friends all over the world is that there are always people you're looking forward to seeing when you travel, and there's always a warm welcome for you at the airport or train station.
The hard thing about having friends all over the world is that you're always saying goodbye to somebody and always missing somebody.

(The Rocky Mountains in Beautiful BC)

Since mid-February we have been catching up with family and friends all over North America, and now are catching up with our good friends here in Japan. We had 10 weeks split between Florida, London (Ontario) and Toronto, and Vancouver. We had the best comapny in all cities; saw concerts, a hockey game, parks, and ate much too much good food. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who made us feel at home again. We didn't get near as much time to spend with any of you as I'd have liked, but c'est la vie, non? For those of you that we didn't manage to meet up with this time... well, all the more stories to share next time!

(Tara tries on a hat in the Granville Island market.)

(Ian falls in love again on Granville Island. That's one big cookie!)

(Ali shows off her martial arts skills on the dock. Aside from this attack she was very helpful in showing us around town.)

(The Sea to Sky Highway connects Vancouver to Whistler on a scenic route.)

(Ian and his brother, Kevin, on the road to Whistler.)

(Aww, brotherly love.)

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janet said...

Hmm, I like the brotherly love pics.Thanks for sharing. MomE