Friday, February 06, 2009

Burmese Days

AS PROMISED here are some highlights from our 3 weeks in Burma.
As you will soon see, Burma LOVES gold. It is the most devoutly religious country I've ever visited; this is apparent in the way the country is dotted with innumerable pagodas, many of which are gilded in gold leaf. The rest of the scenery in this season was very dry and dusty, so these tall gold spires shooting up to the sky really stand out.

The first stop on our trip was Rangoon/Yangon city. This is Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon. The city itself wasn't very attractive or interesting, but this site was definitely worth seeing. The marble floors are swept nightly before sunset, so the whole place has a warm, orange glow as the sun goes down.

After making your prayer you should ring the bell to let the gods know you've visited.

Our next stop was to Bago, a town popular with large Buddhas seeking wide open spaces for meditation and relaxation.

Tara and I in front of a reclining Buddha.

Hmmm...... I'm sleepy.

More golden pagodas!!!

Outside of Bago even the rocks are gold! Well, at least this one was.

Legend has it that the rock is held in place by one of Buddha's hairs. Of course YOU know that golden rock is supported by Ian's neck.

Next time: Ian shaves! And a boat trip on the incredibly beautiful Inle Lake!

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