Sunday, February 01, 2009

3 Weeks in Burma - Ups and Downs

Hello faithful readers.
I apologize for the long absence, I haven't been able to update this blog in the past few weeks. So where have we been? Well, we just finished the first week of our one month of volunteering in northern Thailand. Before that we spent 3 weeks traveling through Myanmar (Burma), which on the whole was a fantastic experience. The sightseeing was breathtaking and the people were smiley and helpful, however the food and transportation left much to be desired. On our second day in Yangon I ate a seafood hotpot that lead to one week with a horrible stomach parasite. I could barely eat or drink during that week, and let's just say that the things I did manage to eat didn't stay with me long. Fortunately Tara finally convinced me to go to a pharmacy and get some antibiotics which knocked out the parasite almost immediately. After that we were very cautious about what we ate.

It seemed that with buses in Burma we had some kind of jinx. Regardless of which seats we picked, we always had two (or more) people seated in front of us who insisted on reclining their seats as FAR AS POSSIBLE. On top of that, the roads were dry, dusty, and the bumpiest paths we've crossed since Cambodia. In summary, the things that were good about Burma were some of the highlights of the trip, but the things that were bad were the worst.

I prefer to remember the good things (though I won't soon forget that week with a parasite), so please come back soon to see some of my favourite sights.



Anonymous said...

Parasites...that sucks dude. Sounds like you had a good time anyway. Look forward to seein the pictures. Bet you look like a stick figure of your old self right now! Good luck with the rest of the helpin the poor experience.


Janet said...

Glad to hear Tara was thinking and got to ye old pharmacy. Three cheers for Tara!!!

Anonymous said...

That's my Girl!!!

Ian said...

Justin - hah, yeah, parasites are no good. All part of travel though, right. I'm sure I'm lighter than when you last saw me, but during that week with the parasite I was eating less than Tara, and I think I was starting to look skeletal. Back to normal portions now though, so you might still recognize me. ;)

Mom - yes, Tara good, Ian dumb.

Anonymous - I see you're eager to jump on the Tara bandwagon now, but hesitant to use your real name. Probably a good move. Wait a few more years and see if she keeps up this "good" act before you associate yourself with her publicly. ;)

Anonymous said...

I think I'm pretty safe saying the "good" Tara is here to stay. I am, after all her Mother!!!