Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crick to Byew Bideo

The internet gods just didn't want this one to happen, but at long last I have come out triumphant. After the previously noted set of problems with producing this video I have completed it 2 more times only to have it rejected for being 1. uncensored and 2. too long. Here the video is split into two parts, which really is probably better because watching 12 minutes of this straight is really just too painful.
I'd appologize for this, but remember... you asked for it.


*** April 16th: OOPS! Looks like when I cut the file in two I somehow screwed up the order of all the subtitles. Wow, this video just loves to be difficult.

*** April 17th: OK! The abovementioned issues have been resolved, hopefully for the last time. I also added credits to the end of the film, and changed the "Part 1" and "Part 2" titles below to a flashier yellow. I also realized that the title screens in the movie were in fact purple and not black. This was my mom's fault; but anyway they have been changed to a stylish black. If you have already seen the movie these changes aren't really worth a second viewing.




Aaron said...

It would be an honour to sing karaoke with you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god...I totally did the same thing with my friends the other day...

"Barbie Girl" that is.

We need to go karaoking together soon


Meaghan said...

hahahahaha that was awesome

Anonymous said...

Priceless!!! Well worth the wait. Ian you are the best! Love mom d

Anonymous said...

Nice voice..Eee..didn't know you had it in you!
Oh, and when your friend Ryan hit the high notes, my glasses shattered!


Anonymous said...

It's great to finally see something new this writer's strike has been brutal!!! I still don't see why I get the blame; what's the matter with purple, eh?

your friends in Japan said...

Aaron - Deal! Can you come over next weekend?

Yukiko - Weeeeeird, please tell me you did a better job of it than we did.

Meaghan and Debbie - You're much too generous.

Arlene - Thanks, I've had a bit of practice in the past year, and the drinks help loosen the vocal chords. Ryan broke a lot of things with those high notes, but he stole our hearts nonetheless.

Mom - You can't even see purple, how do you know what's not wrong with it? It might be horrific!

Much thanks to everyone.

aunt lucy said...

oh my god you guys just made my day
tara tell ryan his version of i will always love you was so great i want his cd as soon as he gets a contract!!
love aunt lucy!!