Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where have we BEEN?

I hope we still have some fans, and I apologize for the update-drought. April marks the beginning of the Japanese school year, and as such March is a heck of a busy month for us child-trainers. A lot of students begin new grades, or classes, and so their schedules tend to change. As a result my schedule has been somewhat hectic, and in constant flux over the past month.

Ok, but I'm not going to fool anyone saying that I've just been working for a month straight. No, even at the busiest of times I always seem to find lots of time to play. In fact, with all the great people I've met here it's hard to fit everyone in. I'm decidedly much more popular here than I should be by any Western standards

Early in March Tara and Yukiko were lucky enough to get a Friday off work so that they could go to Tokyo to see Canadian rock stars Stars and Broken Social Scene!
Coincidentally they met Yoshi there (our friend whom we initially met in university, but now is living in Japan again).
I was pretty jealous about missing the concert, but while the girls were shopping in Tokyo, I made good use of my man-time by fixing my bicycle, playing soccer, and eating raw beef mixed with raw egg. Our soccer team didn't manage to win a single game (out of the 8 or so 7 minute games we played), but we're planning to practice again this weekend and become the Mighty Duck success story of the league

So what about this long promised karaoke video? Well, I've been working on that as well, and it is still coming. Unfortunately the editing program I have here didn't allow me to realize the video as I had envisioned it. See one weekend THESE GIRLS came to stay at our house, and for some reason decided to do yoga in their pajamas. Not wanting to miss this artistic opportunity, I filmed them. In particular I filmed their legs to suit the theme of my karaoke selection, hoping to splice the images of hot legs over the sweet sounds of my Rod Stewart rendition. Unfortunately the editing software does not seem to want me to do this. SO I've changed my plan and am going to make a montage of various performances from that evening. Sorry, you'll just have to imagine girls doing yoga, and a camera weaving through their legs. I also tried to post the yoga video as is on the internet but ran into two problems: 1. I was unable to acquire consent from anyone featured in the video, and 2. when I tried to just post it anyway under the title "my hot girlfriend and her hot friends have a pajama party," the internet rejected the file. It seems the internet has already been oversaturated with files of this name, and cannot possibly accept any more. Yoga really must be popular these days!


Images from a strawberry picking road trip in February. By Yukiko!


Anonymous said...

No worries, you still have lots of fans!!!
Happy for whatever posts we get!!!
Happy Easter!!!

Miss you lots,
Love Aunt Lori xoxoxoxo

Meaghan said...

nice necklace jerk! hahaha
can't wait to see this video. Miss you both lots, but not long now!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Let's plan on something fun again!!


Anonymous said...

This yoga/pajamas/legs/spliced/Rod Stewart/weaving/hot girlfriend and her hot friends video all sounds a bit too kinky for moi!!! Japan seems to have changed our little EE-un somewhat. Run Tara Run!!!


Anonymous said...

Missed you all. Glad to see you are back! Mom d