Saturday, June 02, 2007

Remember Ishigaki?

You may remember way back in April Tara and I visited a small island called Ishigaki in Okinawa prefecture. Once again it feels like a whole lot of time has passed, and a lot of things have changed. May was a blurry flurry of activity with a short trip to Tokyo, a visit by the Rafferteam (one side effect of which was that we are now housing a Meaghan) and a slightly exhausting changing of the job for myself.
I am now enjoying a 4 day weekend, and thought I'd take this opportunity to bring you the final installment of THE ISHIGAKI ISLAND ADVENTURE!!!


Momd said...

Great video, looks like fun was had by all!!
Those pesky Rafferty's, once they are in, it is hard to be rid of them! Lots of love.

Anonymous said...

That was obviously a birthday that you will never forget, Tara! (Nice shooting, Ee-un)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this video! Looks like you both had a great birthday day. Video nicely put together...very impressive.
Keep on enjoying your time out there.

Ali said...

Tara your laugh is infectious. I was sitting here laughing by myself, feeling like a geek!!

I enjoyed those 'outtake's' at the end. Very well put together videos!!

Misssss youuuuuuuuu guyyyysssss!!!!!!
Take care!!

Jake said...

I watched your video, I miss you guys!
I am in a track and field meet tomorrow. I came in second place doing running long jump at school.
I wish you could come and watch.
I made another new friend at school and his name is Conner.

Hugs and kisses
Jake xoxoxoxoxo

your friends in Japan said...

Thank you all for your kind comments and continued support. It really keeps me going!

Debbie - Yes, they're certainly hard to get rid of, but they start to grow on you after awhile. ;)

Arlene and Jean-Pierre - thanks, I've had a lot of fun experimenting with the camera this year. Thanks for letting Justin, Kevin, and I mess around with your cameras all those times!
I've been fortunate enough to have great subjects and scenery to film, so they make the job easy.

Ali - Thanks. I'm glad I was able to make you laugh. I particularly like Tara's laughing during the 'photo shoot', when it is sped up. Miss you too, of course! ;)

Jake - Congratulations!!! You did GREAT at track and field. I bet you could jump right across your pool!! I miss you too. I'm glad you made another friend at school. Have fun!


AJ said...

Oh my god Tara, you are the cutest thing ever. I could totally eat you in a casserole. Except I'm a vegetarian, and also, you would probably giggle too much and be uncooperative during the baking process ("heehee! I'm being baked in a casserole!")

...that was one of my weirder comments.

Alex - RAPH RULES!! said...

this is REALLY late, so u probably won't read this, but that was a cool video! I thought it was funny when u were speeding that 1 part up... it made me smile!:)

Love ya!!!! BYEEE!!

P.S. Tara, I LUVED your hat!!! :P