Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Japanese Sandwiches

Japanese sandwiches are, for the most part, hugely disappointing. For the usual reasons (hunger, and it was lunch time) I bought a sandwich this afternoon. It was a typical "mix-sando" featuring 3 half sandwich triangles: egg, ham, and tuna. the bread was approximately 7mm in width, plain white, with the crust sliced off. Leaving 3 perfectly triangular little pieces in the triangular package. Between each 2 pieces was roughly 1 teaspoon of sandwich filling. The tuna sandwich actually had a single green leaf on it… this went beyond the standard. Greens, as we know them in the west, are hard to come by in Japan.

Bread and cheese. Those are two things you'll miss if you live in Japan. You will, however, enjoy a great variety of noodle and rice dishes. Salad, however, is almost exclusively a pitiful looking mixture of sliced cabbage, corn, and mayonnaise. Oh, also mayonnaise is on everything. At least, far more things than you ever imagined putting mayonnaise on. On the upside, Japanese mayonnaise is much better than the western variety. Who woulda thought that mayonnaise was a Japanese specialty? Now if only they could learn how to make a sandwich...


Anonymous said...

It's been awhile since I've viewed the blog. I'm looking forward to more news from Nippon.

your friends in Japan said...

Welcome back "anonymous"!
Thanks for checking in. I'll try to keep things updated a little more regularly again.