Tuesday, March 03, 2009


On February 17th Tara and I arrived in Miami, Florida, USA, one week ahead of schedule to surprise Tara's mom and sister. Since then we have been relaxing and enjoying staying in one place for awhile. In total we travelled for about 4 months, from the time we left Japan until finishing our 3 weeks of volunteer work in Thailand. But don't worry! Though the Southeast Asian Adventure may be over, there are still more pictures and videos to share....

Somewhere in the middle of Burma lies Inle Lake - one of mine and Tara's favourite spots on our trip. The scenery is beautiful, and the quaint, surrounding villages make it a friendly and peaceful place to explore and meet locals. We spent two days taking boats around the lake to visit various markets, temples, and factories where crafts are still made with traditional methods.

This is our talented guide and oarsman Maung-Shwe. He is using the traditional Inle Lake method of paddling a boat with one arm and one leg, while balancing on his other leg.

We stopped in the middle of a lily pad and Maung-Shwe showed us how to make necklaces out of lilies.


The long-necked Karen people. This young girl was making silk scarves with traditional hand-weaving methods.

Over the course of our travels I attempted to grow out my beard. After three months, this is what I had accomplished. At this point I decided it was time to shave...
But I tried some different looks before shaving settling on the clean-shaven look.

I look like a young boy again!

Smiley Tara! I think she likes Inle Lake.

And with sunsets this beautiful. How can you not love it?


Anonymous said...

Welcome to North America Tara & Ian, you crazy globetrotting type people...glad to see you're safe and healthy. From Uncle Al & family.

Ian said...

Hi guys!
Hope to see you soon at the ol' ball hockey game. Have Miles or Julian been drafted up from the minors yet?

Anonymous said...

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