Friday, July 11, 2008

Go Team!


(back, from left): Yoshiyasu, Mitsu, Ian, Kris, Yuuta, (front) Jarrad, Asakura, Miwa, Kouji, Balmore, Tara.

I may have mentioned that I started playing soccer (actually a mini version of soccer) earlier this year. We have been playing fairly regularly, and now have our own team uniforms!
Last weekend we rented the field for another practice session and fortunately it was NOT rained out (the previous week the field was flooded). Tara came out to show us up with her years of childhood soccer training. The un-uniformed guys just came out to practice with us, but our regular tournament squad is in red (Yoshiyasu is our goal keeper in blue).

Right... not much else to say here, just look at the picture and tell us how cool we look please.
Also, I have tried to add the remaining pictures from our spring vacation, but haven't been able to upload the pictures.

I hope everyone is well!

MORE Unlucky Strikes!

More football this past (very humid) Sunday night. We rented the field and practiced for next weekend's tournament. Unfortunately one of our star players, Kris, is going to be climbing Fuji-san next weekend. I hope Eriko can score a few goals for us!

(back) Oba, Miwa (front) Koji, Eriko, Ian

(back) Eriko, Mitsu, Piers, Kris, Ian, Miwa
(front) Koji, Asakura, Oba


Anonymous said...

ah, you guys have the team T-shirts??? That's cool!! I would love to join...haha!

I was a tomboy when I was little (as you can tell)

Anonymous said...

oh by the way, it's Gegege no Y!!

your friends in Japan said...

Haha you SHOULD join!! Then I won't feel weird about being the only girl!! We can "Ge Ge Ge" our way to VICTORY!!
(What that means, I don't know - but it will work!!!)

Aaron said...

I am sooo jealous of your uniforms.

My current team is called "Viva Pele" and my last team was called "Football Club FC." At least we have cool names.

Keep up the good work. I hope to play soccer with you one day again.


Anonymous said...

ahaha! Let me know when you guys play next time, I'll be up for it!!

your gegege

Anonymous said...

Oh Please, you look SO cool!! Go Tara!!!

your friends in Japan said...

Next tournament is Sunday at 1, Gegege no Y, come support us!

Aaron, our jerseys are awesome! I've got my name in Japanese on the back. Cooooooool.
I'm sure we will unite forces again one day.

- Ian

Meaghan said...

awww! you guys look awesome!!!! It sucks I was too lazy to play... hahahaha (though forces did work against me many times :P forces meaning alcohol and poor planning on our part). I really miss you guys! :(

Anonymous said...

You guys look really cool, your years of playing soccer must be coming in handy right about now.
Do you remeber how to bend it like Beckem?

Anonymous said...

Great jerseys! MomE

kao said...

Hi, nice guy! You are very cool, aren't you?