Monday, June 09, 2008

Golden Week in Kyushu

A couple days after Ali flew out of Japan at the end of April, Tara and I caught the bullet train down to Kyushu (3rd largest of the 4 main islands) where we spent our golden week holiday.

The first stop was Huis Ten Bosch, a Dutch theme park with a bizarre array of attractions. I later learned from my students that the park actually went bankrupt a few years ago... this perhaps explains the odd contrast of traditional dutch architecture, arts and crafts, etc. with newer looking 3D movie theatres, mirror mazes, and other intriguingly interactive galleries.

Why Huis Ten Bosch has a teddy bear museum was never clearly explained, but Tara seemed to have fun with these guys regardless of their mysterious origins.

The following pictures are of us posing in front of wall murals. Don't worry, there's little real danger involved!

The colour matching here was sheer coincidence!

Alice? What have you eaten now?

Sooo....there's really not much to say about Huis Ten Bosch, it was just a strange but entertaining place. I'll try to post more details of our trip soon, so please check in again later this week.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!

Miss you lots,
Love Aunt Lori xoxo

Anonymous said...

Rather,cheeky..I say!
Uncle Al

Janet said...

Pretty, pretty funny

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are cool, the perspective room reminds me of the slanted room at the science center. The big building you were posing with as back ground kind of reminds me of the parlament buildings in Ottawa