Friday, November 02, 2007

Blogger is taking way to long to load so I am going to do this post in 2 parts. These are some wonderful shots of our Halloween party! Despite Halloween not being widely celebrated here, all of our friends got in the spirit and we had an event filled evening!

Ian, not suprisingly, dressed up as Superman!! He even watched the new movie a few days before, to help him get into character! And I have to tell you, he made the costume entirely from scratch!! Definitely the winnner for best dressed, though Ryan (Ushi-san) came in a close second with the full on cow suit!!

Here is an 'almost' group shot. A few of our guests had work early the next day and missed out on the madness. It was a great turnout though - both of our upstairs neighbors came (good thing cause we were mighty loud!), as well as a whole lot of students-turned-friends. Even some of my old Nova students/co-workers came!

Naoto (an ex-nova student of mine) came with a bag full of costume pieces and throughout the night was seen wearing a variety of items...some which we were not too sure about!

Yoshi!! (One of our neighbors). He's not actually wearing a costume, since he is a doctor, but we'll give him props for the hat.

Now, I was a ninja, but as the night wore on the mask/shirt got a bit to warm and it eventually had to go. So this is the only picture of me in full costume unfortunately!

Yukiko also showed up with a bag full of things and after much coaxing got Minami (an old coworker of mine from Nova) to put on this one.....

Miho's costume rocked!! She was the coolest witch around. I especially loved the feathers!

The School Girl and the Cow. Or Yukiko and Ryan. Whichever you prefer.

Ok more to come!! Sleep time!

Love Tara


Anonymous said...

Now THAT looks like it was fun! And it looks like it was very noisy....but definitely fun! Did you give everyone trick or treat bags to go?


Mayuko said...

Thank you for inviting me!
It was first time to go to Halloween party and wear a special costume.
Some people looked strange.
It was really fun!!
I want wear a special costume again!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mayuko,
You are right! Some people looked very strange! Like, for example, the young man with know...Superman???

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
I love your pics! It sure looks like you had a great time. Ian your costume was awesome!!! Tara yours does look very warm, I don't blame you for removing it!!!
I love reading your blog, you guys do a great job....I really get excited when I see a new posting!

Love you, can't wait until you come home for xmas.
Aunt Linda

Derrick Matheson said...

Looked like a great party! hahaha

I wish I was able to go to that as well.

Meaghan said...

Ian made his costume from scratch? I am impressed hahaha.

ALEXXXXX said...

hey! been awhike since I posted here! Awesome costumes, guys!^^
Ian looked SO much like Superman & Tara makes an awesome ninja!^^

Love ya,
Alexandra xoxo

MomE said...

Those strange people are very nice people; funny what a Hallowe'en costume does, eh!