Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend Itinerary

Saturday Morning: Tara and Ian caught an early train to Osaka

Saturday Afternoon: Tara and Ian wander Osaka's trendiest shopping area

Saturday Night: Tara and Ian check into a hotel with a room containing a private swimming pool, karaoke, movies, videogames, and a Jacuzzi

Sunday Morning: Ian takes one last dip in their private pool, and they both check out

Sunday Afternoon: Tara and Ian wander through what are possibly some of Osaka's most expensive shops
*Sidenote* Shopkeeper tries to sell Ian Tom Cruise's leather jacket from War of the Worlds. Ian tries on that as well as a 100000 yen ($1000) lambskin jacket but decides they are not quite up to his standards.
In thanks for purchasing a pair of pants, Ian and Tara recieved a coupon for the suprisingly affordable in store restaurant. After entering the restaurant they were asked for their preferance between sitting at a table OR, on a bed. Naturally they enjoyed dinner and ice cream on the large cushioned surface surrounding the restaurant.

Sunday Evening: Tara and Ian make their way back to Ichinomiya

Monday: Renound hair model, Tara, is picked up by her driver and whisked off to Nagoya for an intensive evening long photoshoot.

Tara and Ian hope that everyone had a lovely and fashionable Thanksgiving Weekend



Daver said...

So many odd things that you truly must explain in more detail!!!

Mom d said...

Where are the pictures!!!!

Aunt Lori said...


Anonymous said...

I third that! Where are the pictures???????


your friends in Japan said...

Ummm, please don't kill us when I tell you that there are no pictures.
Well, there is one forethcoming of said photoshoot, but thats all...

Anonymous said...

No more pics of when your mommy and daddy and Kevin were there? No more? Umpossible! Me want more! You put more!