Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Meaghan in Japan!

Hello again!
Well, this year is more than half over already and we are rapidly nearing our one year mark in Japan (WOW), and there has been alot of questions concerning what our plans actually are. So far I must say that this year feels more like 5 years crammed into 6 months. There is always too much to do and I often feel like I don't even have time to breathe. I anticipate things for months and then they fly by in seconds leaving me standing around wondering if they even occurred. Looking back on when we first came, it seems like lifetimes ago, and I really can't even imagine how I ever thought a year would be enough. Of course getting to see my family really gave new vitality to that feeling....had you asked me 3 months ago my thoughts may have been different. My point is that right now we are feeling quite settled and though we have plans to be home for Christmas, our next extended return may not be until sometime in the later half of 2008. If this next year flys by half as quickly I am sure you won't even notice the extended absence!
Don't fret though...I can safely say that no one is being forgotten! In fact, I think the only reason I am able to securely live this far from most of the people whom I love and care about is because I know I have all of your support. I guess I owe you all thanks for making me feel safe no matter where I am. I am a very lucky girl and would not be here if it were not for all of you.
Anyways, getting too sentimental now...
Meaghan will be leaving me next week to go back home and I think its making me miss everyone!
So to give you a little summary of the part month I have posted some pictures. Here are just some of the things we got up to in June!

Some of you may remember the pictures of Yuki I posted months ago (an old Nova student). Well Ian and Meaghan and I were invited to their home and taken for a 'Japanese Microbiotic Meal'. Not exactly sure what that IS, but it was delicous!! Plus getting to see Yuki again is always a plus!

After this...let's see....
Oh! The Karaoke binges....
Why we weren't doing this before I don't know, but boy did we learn our lesson!! Cheap private rooms where we can make complete fools of ourselves???!! We were missing out....

This past weekend we actually experienced a 'real' night out in Japan...Karaoke til 6am!!! Fun at the time, though our Canada day celebration the next evening was a little bit less than festive! Sorry no pics from this particular outing, but I am sure if there were they would be along the same lines as the ones from above!

Ok, next up we have.....Meaghan's birthday in Japan! Happy 22nd!

In accordance with Rafferty Family tradition Meaghan woke up to find this message and lovely artwork skillfully applied to the mirror! That's Kuromi-Chan in the corner. She is an unfortunate soul, and we love her. We also kinda like the other girl in the picture...:P Oh and Meaghan wore those Kuromi ears allllllllllllllll day long.

What birthday would be complete without a lazy Panda!!??

Unfortunatly the lazy panda met a sad fate soon after this picture was taken..

We still aren't sure if Kuromi-Chan did it, or if Charles was the real perpetrator, but boy was he delicous!!

And what birthday would be complete without bowling!! Meaghan like it soooooo much that the excitement distracted her and made her forget to return her shoes. :P

Oh and they guy above in blue is Charles!

OH and Jeff visited!!!

This actually happened before Meaghan's birthday but its ok. That weekend also involved bowling!

We sure love riding bikes. Especially coooool pink ones!

And what could top Meaghan's birthday you might ask??

(that was us preparing to take on the mountain!) She was a formidable opponent and thus deserves a post all to herself, but I will leave you with this photo of the beginning of our journey
Stay tuned for more!!!
(including the ever-popular "EGG IN A BAG!!!!!")

Anyways...good bye for now!


Anonymous said...

hahahaha that was awesome. as are you.and Ian. and Japan.

Mom d said...

Great post, makes me miss you even more!!!!

MomE said...

Wonderful to see a new post. Late 2008 sounds SOOOOO far away. Oh yeah, we get to see you guys soon :)

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