Monday, April 30, 2007

Iriomote Jungle Adventure

Hello everyone.
This is the second video from our island vacation. Please check the last few posts also, if you haven't seen them yet.
Japanese people are ultra-tourists. They love tour groups, tour busses, souvenirs, and taking pictures. Of course, we're doing much the same these days.... but as they say, when in Rome, do as the Japanese tourists do and take lots of pictures of everything.
We were pretty happy with being able to book the tour ourselves in Japanese, but we didn't really think about the guided tour being entirely in Japanese. Soo, we may have not understood everything we were doing, but that couldn't detract from the scenery! Please enjoy.

After this we had another one and a half days in Ishigaki. You can see Tara's pictures in the previous post, and there will be a little more video posted soon.

This will be a busy month as we are preparing for our next special guest stars, and I will be changing jobs in the next two weeks. As always, so much remains to see and do, and we're sure to have many more stories to tell.
-the ian


Meaghan said...

"Crow eats Pig butt!!!!!"
hahahahaha that was my favourite part. I liked the dinosaur part too. hehe your videos just keep getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

I loved the driver's song. I gave it a 10. It had a good beat and you could dance to it! Japanese Amelican Bandstand!


Mom d said...

Wow, you guys are gooood, you should be in the movies, oh wait..was that...oh never mind, great vidio, can't wait to see you both, in person!!!!only 4 more days!!! xoxo

Mom d said...

Sorry typo, I meant video

Daver said...

Hahaahah best video yet!!

You should have tried harder to pick up that bird Tara, he looked pretty good hahahahaha.

Kazuko said...

Ishigaki nice place!!

kevins said...
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kevins said...

video is nice.
I find it very daring.
have fun with the gang.

[count the syllables.
It is a haiku I wrote.
see you in Japan.]

Nana said...

I thought the best parts of the video were Tara's facial expressions. Grandpa wants to know how they are driving those oxen?